Turn off double tap jump in ATV Infuse

Same issue as topic 19845, but in suggestions, since it didn’t seem to get traction there.

In every other apple TV app I know of, I can tap my way up and down a list to my heart’s delight. This is my preferred method of getting around menus, as I can do so faster than the swipe-based tracking can move me around. In infuse, however, this jumps me to the top or bottom of a list. This is especially frustrating when I can tap left or right with no issues, but can’t tap up or down.

Can we please get a setting to switch the double tap functionality to align with most other apps?


Yes please!
I HATE this double tap stupid thing since it was first introduced…
I never got used to it and don’t think I ever will, since it’s the ONLY tvOS app that behaves this way.
I’m used to fast tapping on every other app but then I use Infuse and it behaves differently and I absolutely hate it.


Totally agree: it might be convenient to some, but to some others, it is more annoying than useful.


+1. I find it way more annoying than helpful.

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+1. I hate this feature. It behaves unlike every other Apple TV app. I want to tap as fast as i can to go down a list one at a time.


Please, please, please add this option. I was scouring this forum looking for reports of what I assumed was a UI bug, because I have never seen any other Apple TV app behave this way. I was about to post a thread on the Apple TV forum reporting this as a frustrating bug until I chanced across this.

Like many, I have become accustomed to just quickly tapping down-down-down to navigate through long screens. I guess it does explain why if I tapped and then thought about life for a few seconds before tapping again, everything worked as it’s meant to on the Apple TV :wink:

Nothing wrong with special “custom” UI variations, but they should never be the default.

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Created an account just to +1 this, please make this a toggle. I just want to tap as fast as I can to scroll down a list, I never asked for it to jump to the bottom. Thanks for the great software!

This change is now available in Infuse 6.0.8.

Double-tap to jump to top/bottom has been removed.

The option to scroll ‘over-the-top’ and ‘under-the-bottom’ remains. This means you can quickly get to the bottom by tapping up from the top row, or get to the top by tapping down from the bottom row.

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