Movie wall jumps

Just checking if I am the only one.

Since a few days I cannot navigate my Movies through the Movie wall anymore in a normal way. When tapping relativley quickly on the ATV remote to go down or up, infuse immediatley jumps to the top or bottom. There is no middleground, unless I go snail pace.

Never behaved like this in the past.

Maybe due to the new update?

This may shed some light. This was a feature that used to be in Infuse, then it disappeared, and now it’s back.

Ahh OK… that explains it. Thanks.

The issue is that fast tapping is interpreted as double tap. I see that there are mixed reviews about this. Maybe stupid a idea, no clue how aptv commands work, why not hold instead of double tap. Wouldn’t that be two different commands that cannot be misunderstood?

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