Double Tap down/up is back?

Using latest TVOS 11.2.5 and Infuse

The double tap up/down in library that brings you all the way to top/bottom back? Can I disable this? its quite annoying as I double tap quickly to move up and down the list of media.

Yes, it’s back but don’t forget now you can now scroll much faster up and down lists by swiping up and down. It took me a bit to get used to it but now it’s much faster finding an item by first double tapping to start at the beginning or end which ever is closer and then fast swiping till you’re close then single taps to zero in on the one you want.

More info here.

Bummer, I wish there was an option to disable this, its a bit annoying at least for me

I did change the “Touch Surface Tracking” in my ATV options to “medium” or “slow” (don’t remember which) from “fast” and that made it much easier for me to select files faster with less overshooting.

+1 on having an option to disable this. I’m also a fast tapper and was so happy when it was removed on the previous version

+1 , also liked the old way better. Even setting the touchpad setting to slow does not help, I am still jumping up and down. I am too old for this :wink: . Seeing that this is a split for the community, why not make it optional?

Please reconsider this. This behaviour should be both an option and not the default. It is a mechanism that is found no-where else on tvOS and is very off-throwing, especially to users new to Infuse. It is especially frustrating because you loose all progress in navigating to the item you wanted to find.

an option to disable /enable the double tab function would be great. When I use my CEC remote from my TV, the Double Tab funtion is irritating.

Are you referring to a Consumer Electronics Control remote? If so what is causing the problem with double tap? What code are you sending to cause it and can’t you edit that code in the remote so it doesn’t cause your issue?

Having the double tap is a problem on its own ? haha

I thought I would get used to the double tap but I never did. What drives me crazy is that it’s the only Apple TV app with this “feature”, so it’s not normal browsing behavior for the device.
Apple implemented “fast scrolling” and not “the double tap” for a reason, and even when I want to go all the way to the bottom, I find myself using Apple’s “fast scrolling” feature instead of this double tap. Even if you have an enormous library, two or three swipes should get you all the way down… I really wished this double tap would be reconsidered

I guess I didn’t phrase my question very well, I was trying to figure out what kind of remote you were using and what you were pressing to mimic the double tap.

One other thing, some favorites and libraries can be WAY more than two or three swipes. :wink:

It is not a universal remote. It is the remote from my LG TV, that use the CEC standard. There is no option to change someting.
Also it is not a cec remote issue, because on Apple TV Remote you have the same funktion. Double tab to fasten and you will scroll to the end of the list…

Sorry to ask but Why are you double tapping? When I want to swipe down I single tap, I’ve never double tapped by mistake. Trust me that double tap is great when you have a large library.

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I my case, I most often will want to go to a movie/show that’s like two or three rows down and a few to the left or right. I’ve found tapping the bottom edge of the trackpad repeatedly much faster and more accurate for these short distances than swiping, and I use it constantly on every tvOS app with the exception of Infuse, where I need to remind myself to leave a fair bit of pause between the taps to not completely loose my position. I encourage you to try tapping for “medium distances”. It’s really good.

I’ve also seen other users (used to traditional remotes) do the same thing in Infuse, only to get thrown off and frustrated by this “feature”.

I also don’t agree that the double-tap gesture is that big of an advantage over swiping for large libraries. Once the scrolling got into fast-scrolling mode, it took me 4 swipes to get through my music folder with 800 entries. In addition, the item you are searching for will rarely be on the bottom end, so the double-tap doesn’t even get you where you want to go, in contrast to fast-scrolling where you can stop at any point, right where you want to go.

I think a good solution for finding the item you’re searching for would be to 1. remove the double-tap and 2. show the first letters of items on the fast-scroll bar, like some other apps do.

Yeah the second option would be very welcomed in infuse having an A-Z scroll bar, would be so much easier and efficient to navigate to a movie in a large library, the double tap would then not be needed.

You phrased it perfectly fine, it’s just that I wasn’t the one with that special remote, I just wanted to add how much I’m hating this so called feature :slight_smile:

ahti couldn’t have wrote it any better. I have the same situation where I want to go just two or three rows down and I find myself all the way at the bottom… I really find that pretty useless. If I open my Movies section and I want to go all the way down, I just touch once up and that’s it, I’m all the way down. I’m at around 1000 movies and fast scrolling three times gets me all the way down, it’s really not that complicated… If I want to go somewhere in the middle, I fast swipe to the middle and then I tap a few times and search for what I’m looking for… most times accidentally tapping too fast and going all the way down… frustrating.
When I asked my parents why they weren’t using infuse anymore their answer was “it’s broken, it keeps jumping up and down on the movies list”. After I explained how this double tapping works they started using it again, but they’re used to fast clicking on a traditional remote, like ahti said.

Couldn’t agree more, remove the double tap and add letters. Let us fast scroll through the alphabet, get to the letter we want, and then tap as much and as fast as we want without going to the last item

(This next quote is from another post)

James first removed the double tap based on negative feedback and then added it back on another update because some people wanted it back…
If the community is so divided on this ”feature” (I consider it a bug) why not just have an option to enable/disable it?

Any chance still that this will be optional. Going nuts with this double tap thing. Pretty please!

Infuse 6.0.8 includes updated navigation controls, which are more consistent with other apps.

  1. Double-tap to jump to top/bottom has been removed.

  2. The option to scroll ‘over-the-top’ and ‘under-the-bottom’ remains. This means you can quickly get to the bottom by tapping up from the top row, or get to the top by tapping down from the bottom row.

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Thank you! This was always very confusing when handing my Siri Remote to a guest.

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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