does any know if apple is still signing 5.0.2

I will get a atv2 in the mail today.


i think they stopped signing it today -g etting error 3194 when trying to do it

not 100% though, can anyone confirm?


yes, you are correct

So does this mean I cannot JB my ATV2???


If you are on 5.1, yes.


you pretty much have to wait until a jailbreak is available

Is this a signature problem? I am trying to JB my unit. The Apple TV Software says it is 5.0.2. When I try to jailbreak it with Season Pass it finds DFU mode. Then after a minute a window pops up saying: 


The Apple TV “Apple TV” could not be restored. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build.


I do not understand what this means. Can you PLEASE help? Please help me JB my Apple TV 2.

Looks like it updated to 5.1 looks like you will have to wait


If it updated to 5.1, would it still show Apple TV Software 5.0.2 in the About section of my Apple TV? It says 5.0.2(4250) in the About section. Any suggestions or answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

More often than not, this message means you have an ATV3 (see my sig for the difference) rather than an ATV2, and thus cannot jailbreak it as there is currently no jailbreak for the ATV3.


I really do appreciate the fast reply. It does say A1378 on the bottom. When I plug it into the TV the about section says model:MC572LL/A. Any other suggestions or ideas? Thank you so much for your advice and expertise.

I am never quite certain from the model number which model you have!

I find that the easiest way to tell is to go to Settings->General->About and look at TV resolution. If it says anything better than 720p you definitely have an ATV3.  

Another way is if you bought it recently it is probably an ATV3 - Apple switched to selling the ATV3 instead of the ATV2 in March.  As there is no visible difference other than the indication the box that the device can play 1080p video many people do not know which they have.

Thank you for the reply itimpi! It does say 720p in the about section along with the model number MC572LL/A. I keep getting:

“The Apple TV “Apple TV” could not be restored. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build.”

Am i getting this because Apple quit signing 5.0.2? Are there any solutions?

Thank you in advance.

seems that it can not with any version
I try to load itune gives error 3194…no way




there’s a very easy way to tell them apart. Just turn it over it the model number on the back of the unit is: 1378 you have a gen 2 if it is: 1427 u have a gen 3


it can be done but you will need to use ifaith


it can be done but you will need to use ifaith

Every time I try the 1394 or error 11 appears… Anyway to bypass that?

please explain how I can do the process withfaith”
  I have the version 4.3
I tried to loader with itune file 9b830 sp restore and fails

on another occasion he had done  but now give error