Apple TV 2 on v5.0.2 (4250)

Hi folks,

My friend has acquired an Apple TV 2 which is currently already jailbroken and is on the 5.0.2 version of apple software however the majority of xbmc apps and things have stopped working so he would like to do a fresh install.

Is there any option to rejailbreak this Apple TV considering that there are no blobs or anything saved ?

Is upgrading the iOS software from this version to a newer one even still possible in light of apples signing restrictions ?

What is the latest version of Apple TV iOS software ?

Many thanks in advance folks

5.3 is still being signed and is the latest that can be jailbroken… no blobs needed

Thanks mate. If I hit update though will it not automatically try and install the latest version of iOS ?

If so I guess I just need to download the 5.3 ipsw and do a ctrl+shift restore? Then use seas0npass as normal ?

You just need to get latest seasonpass ( ). no need to restore or downgrade first.