Collections not happening


I have a number of collections (in fact, a couple that you use in your promo for 5.1: Fast & Furious and Die Hard) but they are not being collected into Collections.

I use FileBot to name all of my media, using TheTVDB and The MovieDB, so the naming conventions should be ok.

Anything else I need to do?


Are you browsing through the Library, or through a regular folder?

Collections are only available when using the Library.

Ah that is a good question and reveals that I am an absolute Infuse novice. I created a library and added two folders as favourites (one for each of TV Shows and Movies). When I start infuse, I get the Up Next and my Favourite folders. How do I get to the Library view?

You should see a Library icon displayed to the far right of your Favorites. :slight_smile:

Of course you may have turned off displaying the Library on the start page.

Go to Settings → Library and make sure the 1st option ‘Show Library’ is ticked.

So embarrassing (and serves me right for posting while at work, and relying on my clearly dodgy memory). Library view works just fine!!! Thanks for your help.