Collections on Apple TV?

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This is my first post here, discovered Infuse 7 last night, and it finally outperforms MRMC, so I made the switch. I’ve uploaded most of my library, but my only concern is that the ‘Collections’ option isn’t working in my categories. Can anyone point me in a direction to get this issue resolved, or maybe I’m expecting too much? I have the library function hidden, and I have my folders apportioned on my servers by media category (Movies, TV Shows, etc), so I am only using the favorites options on the home menu. Thanks for the help!

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The Collections are only available in the Library or a favorite created from the Movies > Collections selection.

Note that many of the library functions are not available when you use DLNA/UPnP to connect to the share so make sure you’re using a different protocol like FTP, SMB, etc.

There are several great users guides that will help you get the most out of Infuse during set up and use.

I will add that if you have the “Collections” option in the settings on it should group your movies that belong together per TheMovieDB in your library under all movies or any of the other movie sub sets in the library but that’s the only time you’ll see collections is within the library. Your other favorites won’t show the collections.

Interesting, and what if it isn’t using the Collections option? I’m using an NFS connection to the NAS, so no worries there, but I favorited the folder ‘Movies’ in the Shares folder and posted that on the Favorites. Is that a viable option, or should I use the Movies section in the settings and that will allow the Collections function to perform? Thanks again for the help NC!

I see what you mean about under the Movies tab, NC. Is there a way to remove all the Movies being displayed, and just open up the Movies? I do like the setup for the favorites, where you can just go to an icon and it opens the entire folder, as opposed to having to scroll through 20 movies to get to the ‘See All’ option.

Using the library will be the answer to most of your questions.

If you follow the users guide for lists and favorites that will get you going in the right direction so you can have a favorite of all movies by long pressing the “All Movies” selection in the Library and clicking on the “Add To Favorites” which will then place a favorite on the home screen that will show all movies. You can explore the other options to see what you prefer. :wink:

Dude, I see what you did there, and me likey! Thank you for the assistance! This was a fantastic illustration how this player was coded. I will read up on the link you sent to un-FUBAR the TV shows, but I GREATLY appreciate your time and assistance sir!

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Sorry sir, I lied. I read through all the list of getting started articles, and I can’t find a way to un-FUBAR the tv shows. Previously, all the shows available were showing, albeit with the wrong meta data. I would update the meta data for one show, it would update all the shows to that. Now though, it’s only showing one show (incorrectly, as well), and the rest aren’t showing? I do have the ‘All TV Shows’ under the TV category in Library favorited, and it’s showing the same. The Library registers 1,747 episodes and 726 movies, so that is all correct? I’ve tried removing and re-adding the share, and refreshing the metadata for the entire library.

The entire TV show library is hierarchally built, with each show in its own folder, with all seasons in that respective folder. Is that causing an issue? Should I add another layer of directory to separate by each season in its own folder?

When you go to Infuse Settings > Library

What does it say on the left for TV Episodes and Others?
Also, what does the message below that say?

TV Episodes: 1747
Others: 62

When you go to the library favorite on the home screen and select “TV Shows” then “All TV Shows” does it show you all of your TV shows?

Back on the Library settings screen.

Negative, it shows me what I THINK should be Bleach (an anime), but it has Fringe art and metadata.

It only shows 1 series? Is that showing 1747 episodes?

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I just went into season 1 of the 17 seasons, and there are prolly about 100 episodes, so I would think that absolutely feasible.

How do you have your files named for the TV series?

Each folder just has the series name. For instance, Doctor Who (2005) is Doctor Who, Fringe is Fringe, Farscape = Farscape, etc. In each folder, the naming convention is 1x01- blah blah blah, or just 1x01, to indicate respectively if it’s an untouched or modified source.

The following example will get you about 99.9% acuracy for fetched metadata and artwork. You will rarely need the year for TV series unless there are multiple series with the same exact name.

The Season folders and the full series name for each file will really help.

Roger, looks like I’m about to get cracking on some file renames (or about 1,747. oof)! Am I able to continue with my convention of attaching the name to the end of them? Will that adversely affect the scraper?