Collections Movie Order

Anyone know how to put the movies in a collection in order?
I can’t seem to find anyway of doing it.


What order are you wanting to change?

I believe that Infuse automatically orders collections in release order.

Do you have collections turned on in the settings?

Collections are on.
Looking at say Fast and Furious, they’re all in the collections but not in order.
And this is the same for all of my collections.
Attched is how its viewed and how its titled on my nas.
ATV is fully upto date

If you view in the Library under Movies > Collections they will be in the correct order. I’m guessing you are looking at the share folder in the top pic and it’s following your file names.

The first pic shows them sorted as you have the files named. Also the file names you have are not the true movie names so you probably had to do some edits to the metadata.

Do you have “Sort Order” in Infuse set for Title or File Name?

Edit to add: I’d recommend you turn Collections Off in Infuse settings and use the Library > Movies > Collections instead. You can make a favorite of Movies Collections in the Library and have it on your home screen. Those collections will be sorted by release date.

Here’s how I have my files named and they still come out in correct order when using the Library Collections.

I understand what you’re saying about Library view but that’s not what i want to do.
I tried that ages ago but it didn’t work for loads of movies and tv shows, IE Laural & Hardy, plus more won’t fall into line.
With regards to F&F, I name them as has been told so many times by using TMDB, so for instance
F&F3, TMDB says The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006), Now when I tried to name it as that “:” was not usable.
Having seen and told that Infuse defaults to TMDB or TVDB and naming conventions, I know this not to be true.
I don’t see the advantage of being able to create your own folders if ultimately the only one to sort of work is library view.
Now annoying as it is i find infuse still very usable.


You can still continue to name them how you want, you just have to change the names on the ones that are out of order so they are in order.

Try changing the one you have as “Fast and the Furious 3 Tokyo Drift 2006” to “Fast & Furious 3 Tokyo Drift 2006” . Then change the one you have as “The Fast and the Furious 2001” to Fast & Furious 1 2001"

That should put them in the order you want.

EDIT TO ADD: Just tried a couple of test files and Infuse found the correct metadata for both when named as suggested above and they’ll be in the correct order in your folder view.

Yes, there are characters that you can not use in file names but that’s not because of Infuse or TMDB. That’s usually a file system restriction.

I have yet to find a collection that is on TMDB that doesn’t display correctly when named right in the Library view and TV shows will also show seasons correctly as long as you follow the naming convictions set forth in the Infuse users guide.

I’ve got nearly 16K episodes of TV shows and it does a super job in the library of sorting and displaying them.

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Thanks for the tips.
I’m now going through some files to get them to work.


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