Library not showing Favourites


Newbie to the world of Infuse so hopefully this is an easy answer for you :slight_smile:

I have added my share folders on my NAS to Infuse and marked them as favorite, however when i go into the library to run a scan, they are not being listed so my film count is showing as zero . I have tried following the instructions laid out under the document “Library 101” In the instructions it shows that the new folders that have been marked as favorite should available in the library menu to be tick to include in the library but they are not showing up for me to select.

On the main screen though I can see the 2 folders and can access the films but there is no library option available.

have I missed a step?


Managed to fgure it out.

I had the shares mapped via Upnp and when I switched to smb, my favourites became visible in the library and has now updated

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