Plex collections dont work?

In Plex, i have 13 collections with movies, like Bad boys, Mamma mia, Fast and furious etc.

But in Infuse - movies there is no collections shown at all? I have the collection setting in Infuse set to On but when choosing movies there is no collections shown. I can add collections as a favorite from library - but I want the collections to be seen in the movies section.

I have tried to remove Infuse and reinstall it. I have updated all metadata in Plex but it still dosen´t work.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Is there anything listed when browsing to Infuse > Library > Movies > Collections?

All the 13 collections i have is shown when I browsning to Infuse > Library > Movies > Collections.

But if I go to Infuse > Movies, all movies who are supposed to be in a collection is all over the place instead of being in a collection.

Is the Movies icon on the home screen blue or orange?

Can you try browsing to Infuse > Library > Movies > All Movies?

For a bit of background, orange icons are simple folder favorites and won’t have things like Collections available.

If you want to re-add the Library ‘Movies’ favorite, you can do this by long-pressing on the ‘All Movies’ item in the Library, and select Add to Favorites.

The Movies icon is blue.

When browsing to Infuse > Library > Movies > All Movies - all movies are visible included the ones who are supposed to be in a collection - see picture.

Have you made sure Collections is turned on in the Infuse Settings under General?

I don’t use plex but this does cause Infuse to show only the collections for me.

Yes, I have checked, collections are on.

If i remove Plex and instead use Infuse via SMB-share - collections works.

Okay, since I don’t use Plex I was curious if that may be a factor. Thanks for checking! :+1:

Am I the only one with this problem?

If so, is there something wrong with my setup, or is Infuse the problem?

Plex server is running version and my Apple TV 4k is running tvOS 14 and Infuse 6.5.

@james I found this article,

It was updaded 3 days ago and it says, Collections (coming soon). :roll_eyes:

Does Infuse support Plex collections or not?

@james I have found the cause of the problem.

If I use the Plex movie-agent when adding a movie library in Plex - collections in Infuse doesn’t work.

If I change the agent to The movie database - collection in Infuse works!

Are you serious? 27 days and still no response? I am and have been a paying customer for many years if you missed this.

Made a service request (# 129700) 24 days ago. No answer.

Why should I continue to pay for this?

This is very helpful, thanks.

We’re currently looking into this.