Bug with list view scrolling on tvOS 16

Two things I have noticed with current Infuse on Apple Tv

  1. Cycling on lists no longer works.
    If you are at the first item in the list scrolling up would previously take you to the bottom of the list and you could then continue up from the bottom to make a selection.
    Now you are visibly taken to the bottom of the list but the selection is stuck at the top.
  2. Marking an item as watched when viewing the large thumbnail of the file with the “resume” and “mark as watched” buttons are visible below the thumbnail. Now clicking on the mark as watched button rakes many seconds to be registered. It used to be almost immediate.

I can’t be sure of when these happened (i.e which update introduced them) as I only know Infuse has been updated if I happen to view the Home Screen on the Apple TV, which does not happen much.


First, what version number of Infuse are you using?

The swipe up from the top to go instantly to the bottom and swiping down from the bottom row instantly taking you to the top is still working for me in 7.4.6.

If your using the new silver remote you need to click the ring above or below the touch surface to do this.

As to the marking as watched it’s still instant on mine.

Apologies I should have been more specific.
Infuse 7.4.6 and latest Apple TV OS (I have it on auto update.)
You are correct swiping up from top will take you to bottom.
But that’s all.
You can’t go any further. Although the view has changed, the selected item in the list hasn’t. There no longer a selection.

Are you using grid view or list view?

Hi ,
List view.
I haven’t changed any settings for over 12 months, so only changes ha.ve been updates to Infuse or the OS.

Yup, you’re right. I just verified it doesn’t work in list view. I’m sure the devs will be looking into this but it may take a bit since we’re just about into a weekend. :wink:

Thanks for the report. :+1:

I don’t know whether this issue is related to tvOS 16.0 or Infuse 7.4.6, but file/folder selection loop around no longer works. I first realised this was happening after tvOS 16.0 update.

Previously, if you had a long list of items listed onscreen (either folders or files) and had the first item highlighted, you could press the ‘up’ button and the list would loop around to the final item in the list and highlight it. And vice-versa, if the last item was highlighted, pressing the ‘down’ arrow would loop around to the first item in the list and highlight it.

What happens now is the list loops, but the first or last item is not highlighted. Pressing enter does nothing. Hence to play an item towards the end of the list requires manual scrolling to the end of the list. If you have tens of items, that is pretty inconvenient.

I have AppleTV 4th Gen.

Is this a known bug? Thanks.

Yup, just moved your post to a currently running thread discussing this problem. :wink:

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Very efficient of you :wink:

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Has anyone seen an issue that when you have the selection highlight at the top of the list and go up which takes you to the bottom of the list, the highlight goes away? If I go down from the top, it works as if it should. This used to work fine in the past on my older server share, but since I added a new server share I can’t take the shortcut from the top to the bottom. The selection highlight just disappears.

I moved your post to a currently running thread regarding this issue. :wink:

Note it’s tagged as “researching”.

This should be resolved in today’s 7.4.8 update. :slight_smile:


Excellent - updated to 7.4.8 and can happily confirm the issue is resolved, thanks team!


Fixed for me too! Thanks Firecore!

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