Can’t navigate menus (or scroll through collection) continuously with held-down navigation button on remote: Infuse stops scrolling after ≈10 lines

Sorry for the clunky title, I’ll try to explain better below.

  1. Note I’ve noticed this issue being present for a while; so it’s not a new one related to today’s release of 7.5 — though it continues occurring in 7.5. I don’t recall exactly when I first noticed it; but assuredly during the lifetime of Infuse 7; perhaps from around the time support for the new Apple TV remote was added?

  2. I use a Harmony remote for Infuse in one room, and either the Apple TV or my television’s remote in the other. This issue applies to the remotes that have physical “down” and “up” navigation buttons, as opposed to those relying on repeated touch-swipe gestures, as my original Apple TV 4K (previous generation) remotes do.

The issue:

When trying to navigate the Infuse interface, particularly scrolling downwards (and back upwards) through menus or poster walls, holding down the (down arrow) or (up arrow) buttons on my remote no longer results in a smoothly continuous scroll to the bottom (or top) of the menu or collection view I’m trying to navigate.

Infuse limits free-scrolling to ten or eleven lines in the menus and about 20 in the poster walls (the exact distance might possibly be affected in the latter by latency in how quickly the poster images can be drawn, if not pre-loaded).

This results in the user first needing to release the button, then press and hold it again to continue movement; and to do this repeatedly all the way down a long menu or long collection of titles.

I initially assumed this was a remote battery issue or harmony issue or some other non-Infuse thing … but I’ve since noticed it never occurs when navigating the menus in the Apple TVs’ own settings app, nor in other apps I have installed on the devices.

Can anyone else confirm they’ve noticed this behavior?