Apple TV 4K remote

Anyone else that finds the controls of the infuse app on the Apple TV 4K remote is dreadful?
Scrolling is hell. You always have to click somewhere on left or right side to scroll but it’s tremendous hard to find the right spot.
And with such a fantastic touch surface. Don’t understand that a program that plays so good videos can make so bad controls.
Worst (and I’m absolutely not exaggerating) controls in any program

The clicking is annoying and not precise. And lots of the time you get the top menu or that useless Picture in Picture that is forced in your face (instead of making it a function that people can choose to activate or deactivate)

Really did you guys test this yourself?!

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What version of Infuse?

6 pro

What version number?

That doesn’t matter. I’m using infuse for 1 year now. And it always has been this way

Bit if you wanna know 6.5.3 (3328)

Actually it does matter.

Try 6.5.4 it has improvements for handling PiP.

Also, I don’t see any real issues with the remote and controlling Infuse.

Well there you go. You answer says it all. The answer that most companies give. If they found its ok then users are not heard.

I’m working 25years as IT guy. But ok…

I updated. And indeed the PiP is better because it’s less reactive.
But skipping forward or backward is still as dreadful as ever. You really have to find the sweatspot otherwise it doesn’t work or you click on pauze or you are in the top menu

I don’t understand you have a beautiful working swipe in the menus. Why not using that same swipe to skip instead of that horrible clicking point that you click almost as much wrong as good.

And don’t come with that •MOD EDIT FOR LANGUAGE• that for you it works perfect.

I haven’t had issues with backwards or forwards. Don’t you just tap on the left or right side of the remote and click? You just have to make sure that you aren’t swiping while you try to click as that will cause other things to happen. Another option is to get a third-party remote

So how many years does one have to work in IT to properly assess the situation? :nerd_face:

Look, I get that you personally seem to be quite unhappy with the way the ATV remote works with Infuse. That’s fine.

I think scrolling and clicking works quite all right. I would not consider myself being frustrated with it at all when using Infuse (6.5.4 and previous versions)

From my experience there are a lot of other apps out there for ATV, where I’d second your opinion in a heart beat. Look no further as MrMc… :smiley:

From my point of view the ATV remote is a broken product in itself. It’s something where Apple again tried to take it to another level. And they are usually quite good at it. But in this case it just didn’t work out and rumours are floating around for a while now, whether or not Apple is going to fix this with the upcoming generation of ATV. The internet is really full of frustrated people, if you dare to look around a bit. Third-party remotes can help out a lot but they usually do not cover some gesture-based functions like swiping down from the top to open the settings menu.

I just wanna provide another perspective and I think, with all the trouble Apple brought upon users themself with this kind of remote, it is a little harsh and unfair to blame the guys here at Infuse.

Have you tried using the YT app on ATV? No better example for me personally as to how much this remote in itself is a bad product. I think a lot of your frustration results from the remote itself, not the way Infuse is coded to make use of this piece of hardware :wink:

Hahaha I totally disagree. You missed the ball completely.
For skipping forward or backward you have to click a sweatspot left or right on the side. If you miss that spot well it simply doesn’t work or you go in pauze or something else occasionally.

But you can swipe also with the remote like infuse use in their menu. And funny enough they use it also to scroll when you click the pauze button.
So the functionality is there in the remote. Something that works great in the menus.
They simply could program it to swipe. Like they just did with the PiP in 6.5.3 and then adjusted in 6.5.4
They have PROVEN that they can use the swipe if they want to and also adjust its touchfield so it works properly

So yes I do +25y IT and I look further then my nose is. Something that you don’t.

This is simply being stubborn and not using the full potential of the device and the code

Actually the same i’ve described here.
But you’re right @Infusepro6user, if the issues don’t exist for the devs, they’re being ignored for good.
Prove me wrong, @james


@bigbadrabbit: Yes, I agree, this is completely broken: you should be able to fast-tap back and forth without lifting the finger off the remote completely

@Infusepro6user: I find that it helps waiting until the “circle-10” appears on the screen before pressing firmly. Now they just need to fix it so we don’t have to lift the finger off the remote completely