Broke Infuse

I just updated my Synology DS220J to DSM 7.2-64570 Update 1. Now when I open Infuse on iPad or Apple TV it opens and then just in a few seconds it closes. Any suggestions on what setting has changed? Infuse doesn’t stay open long enough to change anything. I am on the latest version of Infuse and I am using the IP Address of the NAS.

What file transfer protocol are you using?

i have the same NAS with the same update and don’t have problem on Infuse
i share my folder using SAMBA
max protocol smb3
min protocol smb1
smb interval smb1,smb2,smb2 large mtu, smb3
cripto: definied by client
enable client access: definied by client
enable opportunistic locking : enabled
(sorry my configuration isn’t in english…)


I used the IP address of the NAS.

Are you using the latest 7.5.7 version of Infuse, or an older version?

i use the latest 7.5.7

Latest. I changed the shares to SMB and things seem to be working. If you have any other thoughts I would be open to suggestions. It worked for months the other way, so I am not sure.