Samba connection issue

I’m running infuse on Apple TV 4K, and connected to a samba share on my Synology NAS.
Recently, I’m experiencing that infuse initially is unable to connect properly.

It will index the new media files, but when starting to play a file, it will play about 5 seconds, and then hangs.
It’s then unable to connect to the samba share for approx. 5 mins, after which it starts to work properly.
During these 5 mins, I’m able to connect to the same Samba share, with the same user, from another device without issues.

I can confirm from synology logs, that infuse does log in properly to the samba share.
Furthermore it continues to work for the entire viewing session, but will reappear next time I use infues a day or two later.

it’s possible that your synology auto block is enabled and blocking the IP

on your synology go to Control Panel → security → account tab. Go into the allow list and add your entire ip subnet ie: