SMB Connection problems

After last update infuse stoped connecting to NAS over SMB servers.i have lots of devices. On one of them was with previous version and connection was fine. I try to update it and no get no connection. This problem happens on both iOS 10 and 11 on iPad, iPhone and Apple TV.
DNLA connection still work.
I tryed co contact support, but there was no answer withing 6 days.

We’re looking into a few reported cases of this, and hope to have a fix soon. I see your ticket here, and it’s currently marked as pending until we have a bit more info available.

Sorry for the trouble.

Feel free to ask me for info you need. I really need this feature. Without it usability on iPad suffer and compliantly absent on Apple TV.

Any new info on this issue? Infuse is dead in the water for me at the moment on all of my devices.

We’ve seen a few cases of credentials being lost when updating to iOS 11. You can either re-enter your username/password in the share settings screen, or entirely remove and re-add the share and this should clear things up.

If that doesn’t help, sending in a note from your device will allow us to look into this further.

Well today it starts work again. This time I entered local address instead of name.localadress link. I guess problem solved for now.

After updating my server to High Sierra, I had no chance to get connected in SMB with InFuse.
But I noticed after dozen of tests that setting the “Workgroup” (in the InFuse share) helped me to get SMB working.
It’s not 100% working for each attempt, but by trying multiple times, it most surely ends up working while without the workgroup set, it will —always— fail.

SMB and FTP are also problematic for me, only connecting after many tries/restarts. See here: SMB connection super slow

Since other software works fine I think Infuse is bugged or has a problem with something in my network but I don‘t know what it is.

Infuse is the absolute best media player for tvOS/iOS but these network problems are kind of a bummer when I want to watch something while having a bite and I‘m done eating before playback even starts.