Infuse never updates unless I restart my synology NAS

Infuse will be stuck on “fetching content” forever, until I manually restart my NAS, then it updates right away. I’m thinking something must be wrong in my NAS settings?

Sounds as if the NAS may be going into hibernation and not waking when it gets a wake from Infuse. Can you access it from another device and see if Infuse will update right after before it has a chance to go back to sleep?

This doesn’t seem to make a difference. I can be in the NAS interface on my laptop, and I have the same problem.

Is your NAS in some sort of sleep/standby mode by chance? Restarting it may simply be waking it up, so Infuse is able to access it.

If you are experiencing the same problem with your laptop connecting to your NAS I suggest contacting the manufacturer to get support for your NAS.

Sorry, I meant I can be on the NAS on another device, so it’s definjtely not hibernating, but I still need to refresh the NAS before Infuse will refresh.

Have you tried to play a video when it happens? It seems somehow the SMB connection is hanging. But if the videos start, then it might be something in the NAS when fetching the directories content.

If this happens again, can you send in a report via Settings > Submit Diagnostics and follow the prompts to open a support ticket?

This will allow us to see what Infuse is doing when attempting to access your NAS.

I did submit a ticket- a week ago. No response. I expect MUCH better from a service where I pay for a “Pro” subscription. I’ve already cancelled my Infuse subscription and switched to Plex, which runs flawlessly, and their customer support responds within hours, not weeks. (And, it’s free for the functionality I used to pay for!)