apple tv2 with atv flash, couch surfer pro can't stream video, media player smb stream bug

i have apple tv2 just bought atv flash, was going to use couch surfer pro for video stream from some site, but end up using iphone or ipod for airplay, seems couch surfer cant support with html video streams, and media player very lag when i stream from my pc, i would say xbmc has better video streaming, in this case i’m thinking about the refunds, because atv flash seems has not much for me.

i wonder if in the future they can fix the media player stream bug and also support rmvb videos, and be able the stream videos from couch surfer?

that way i would keep the atv flash. or there is a solution for my problems?



Video streaming (AFP/SMB) will be greatly improved in the upcoming Beta6 version.

If there is a specific site you having trouble streaming video from (currently only HTML5 video is supported) please post a link to the site/video and we can look into the issue further.

here’s one example:

It’s a Chinese media hosting site(similar to youtube) which plays fine on both my ipod touch and ipad 2 but just doesn’t play back on couch surfer(they seem to support html 5).

I’d love to see this actually fixed in the next beta.

getting to work would be very nice in couch surfer. You need to emulate a Firefox 3.0 or better browser in 32 bit mode.

Heres the site can’t be playing in couch sufer
But works on iPhone , iPod , and iPad

bbc iplayer wont stream video either in UK this would be very much appreciated.  Http://


Also 4od etc on you tube



Here’s a very basic example:


It’s a video collection site, very nicely organized, all HTML5.  Works great on the iPad.  But not in Couch Surfer.

Also found that does not work with any browser in apple tv. Dlna streams. Will do more testing tonight. May be my router.

wish there was a way to echo a browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer) to the ATV2 in some way.  Am searching for a solution to do this, but no luck finding any tools yet.


Still not fixed in Beta 6…:frowning:

How bout the smb media improve?

  • Says it’s not ready for this platform. please visit this nettsite from PC or Mac, or use one of our apps. Sumo iPad app, or Sporten iPad app.




Sorry, I only had to go to the settings and open the page in “Normal” mode.  Forget I was even here… :wink: