iPlayer and Couch surfer...almost there.

Hi everybody, 

I am desperate to get BBC iPlayer to work in my Apple TV. Plex kind of does it, but you get audio sync problems and quality is not great either. Ater all, it's all being transcoded.

I was hoping that with the release of XBMC things would change, but at least with the initial version it does not support the iPlayer plug in.


What about Couch surfer? Well, I loaded the iplayer site in "iPad mode" and the site did display. the positive signs ended there. There is this big quare box in front of everything. I have managed to get rid of it by clicking around but even then, "clicking" on the videos does not have any effect.

I know this is beta and HTML 5 streaming is still on the works. But has anybody managed to get iPlayer on the Apple TV 2g?


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Sorry--no love with iPlayer and Couch Surfer (ver 0.8-1434) with the Apple TV2 (black) running 4.1.1. 

I am running Seas0nPass 0.6.8 on a tethered boot.  I visited the BBC site, followed the link to iPlayer, and saw lots of content. When I clicked on a show to watch, it displays a banner across the video frame saying "You need to install flash to view..."  --mr

We've still got a ways to go to enable full support for HTML5 video streaming, so more sites will be supported as time goes on.

In the meantime you can change the 'User Agent' option to iPad to ensure you are loading HTML5 versions of the site instead of Adobe Flash versions. This option can be found in the Browser --> Settings menu.

I got iPlayer running sweet via XBMC last night. Need to use an ‘unofficial’ build of XBMC that supports RTMP though. I find the XBMC interface is also more responsive using this build.

Full info here:



Great find I have been trying for ages to get iplayer working


latest official build of XBMC now actually supports RTMP streaming so iPlayer works just fine with that one. Game on!