Jerky flash video in couch surfer?

I’ve managed to enable flash playback in couch surfer, however, video is very jerky. Sound is fine. It feels almost as if the player can’t cope with the stream, if you know what I mean. It’s a fairly low-bandwith stream from a tv-channel my children like to watch “on demand”. No network issues as my macbook plays the video with no trouble at all.

Any ideas?


Noticing this as well. Using the latest flash plugin. It really could be a mix of a number of things. Could be the processor speed of the AppleTV, or how Couch Surfer Interacts with it. Could be the Flash plugin version (too heavy for the AppleTV - could be fixed with an earlier version?).

I’d love it if the developers of Couch Surfer could figure this out, as this would be the perfect native solution for viewing sites like hulu or TV station streams. Gotta say, I’m happy it works (watchable for things like the daily show), but I’d love some smooth playback and full screen flash toggle support.