Streaming Flash Video Problems

I have the latest ATV 3.4.1 installed. Everything is working perfectly. I recently just got Flash working in the latest version of Couch Surfer. One problem.
Whenever I point Couch Surfer to a page that has live streaming flash video, the audio feed will continue streaming even when I exit out of couch surfer. It will continue to play and play forever until I reboot the appletv. I can continue to do my normal activities on the appletv, so its not freezing up or anything. Just, the damn audio of the flash video won’t quit when I exit out of CS. Anybody else have this problem? Know of a fix? thanks!! love this forum.

Well I had Flash working in Couch Surfer before. Upgraded to 2.3 and then the latest ATV Flash and now Flash doesn’t work anymore.
Went through the install of CoreAudioKit.framework using the maintenance screen and still not working. Did it the original way by coping manually.
Still doesn’t work. Seems everything is where it should be and checked the ownership and permissions.

I really miss having my Flash in Couch Surfer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. As a last resort I also updated Couch Surfer to the 0.6 version but still just the blue diamond when trying to play a Flash enabled web site.