Couch Surfer Pro vs. Mobile Safari (video playback)

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if the capabilities of Couch Surfer Pro are the same as that of Apple’s mobile Safari browser (those that come preinstalled on iPhones and iPads) as far as playing videos is concerned. I would think that if I can play a web video stream on my iphone 3gs via Safari, I should be able to play that same video via Couch Surfer Pro in aTV Flash (black)?  I’m finding that while I can play a video no problem on the iphone, I get the following error when attempting to play it on ATV2 (aTV Flash (black) Beta5 installed): “An error occured loading this content. Try again later.” This observation makes me wonder if Couch Surfer Pro is “inferior” to mobile safari (at least in its current state) in playing back video… Is that so?


PS: I can’t post the link the video I’m trying to play here (as the website for it requires login/password), but am willing to provide the credential to FireCore support, if required.


Thank you!

I am able to see HTML5 video site playing with Beta 5 but there is a bug when the video ends, in the ipod/ipad it goes to the next video but not on this browser.

It seems like a script support issue.

Any idea?