Flash Player + Couch Surfer

Is it expected that Couch Surfer + Flash Player will be usable in aTV Flash (black) at or shortly after it goes out of beta?  I like much of what aTV can let me do, but streaming video through Flash apps is still the majority of my Internet video watching!

Is that a "no", then?


Any answers please...!!!!!!!!!

ok guys i can be able to stream video from some webs just go to browser settings and enable ipad mode that you can be anable to stream videos try and you'll see i don't know how this can be do it but it works .

any question let me know.


Right now Adobe Flash is not supported. There is some info regarding our efforts to enable Flash in the link below, but the bottom line (as of right now) is the performance of Adobe Flash on the AppleTV is very, very poor.


On the other hand, HTML5 based video is working quite well and we're working to improve this further.

Flash streams play perfectly on atv2 via xbmc (e.g the excellent iplayer addon), so why is this not possible in couchsurfer?

Getting the ipad mode to work correctly so videos would play in that mode would be a start. At the momment atvflash is a waste of money for me.