Add an option to the Watched contextual menu “Remove This Scrobble”

Trakt and Infuse should have identical playback stats but say I accidentally clicked “Watched” and then undo that clicking unwatched right away, the Watch gets added to Track but unwatched doesn’t remove it.

If I’m marking it as unwatched, Infuse should be able to “see” the last watched entry it last sent to Trakt about the episode and delete the entry.

That used to be the case, but it changed due to user requests. There were issues with viewings getting deleted from trakt unintentionally. Also, this allows you to mark movies/shows as unwatched to rewatch them, but not annihilate your trakt history.

That makes perfect sense. I wonder if adding another option to the long press of the watch button “Mark as Unwatched on Trakt” in addition to “Mark as Unwatched” would be seamless enough to make sense.

Because deleting a scrobble is important and doing it from the Trakt app constantly seems silly if it can be done from Infuse (even if that isn’t the default behavior).

Thinking about this more. “Remove This Scrobble from Trakt” should absolutely be an episode only thing. Unwatching a whole season should never effect Trakt’s data.

I still see a lot of value in having the option to remove the scrobble from Trakt directly since the point of Trakt integration is accurate watch data and I just wanna manage that properly and fix mistakes from within Infuse.

I get that, and If infuse had history, aka tracking multiple watches and when, then that makes sense. Infuse is currently only Boolean so how do you reconcile that without adding a handful of options depending on the user?


Exactly this.
I really have no intention to come across as being snarky to anyone but…it all seems to involve Infuse catering to ”If I make a mistake” or “If I fall asleep on a binge watch”
Maybe it’s just me but if I do something wrong I expect to deal with it myself. If it’s an inconvenience then I will try not to do it again.
I don’t expect Infuse to add numerous options to cater to such things.
I’m still reeling from when Infuse wiped out a whole history from the “mark as unwatched” saga.

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“Remove This Scrobble From Trakt” as part of the contextual menu of long pressing the watch button is a single easy to code option that solves this problem and it “this” implies “this” or “Infuse’s last” scrobble of “x” episode so I don’t understand what a user would have to choose.

In my original post I even stated: “Infuse should be able to “see” the last watched entry it last sent to Trakt about the episode and delete the entry.”

I don’t mind snarkiness - it just means you’re passionate about your way of doing life which I find interesting since your opinion as a user is valuable.

You’re right tho - I absolutely am thinking a lot about users and the mistakes they (and I) make in order to create an app that can correct those mistakes without being intrusive to the user - and I believe a “Remove This / Last Scrobble” from Trakt solves that. Trakt has the option so it’s wanted by media watchers and it’s a simple API call which the code for likely already exists.

Very real users do these things and I wouldn’t even call them mistakes, just facts of life: Leaving the TV on and walking away, falling asleep, etc - without the episodes ever stopping (like all other services do) so it can make you look like you double or triple watched tons of episodes.

You say you want to fix your own mistakes. That’s great, so do I and I wanna do so without using another app and thus my suggestion was born.

I never said that at all.
I’m done here beyond saying that I’m sure that the Infuse devs have better things to develop than adding a toggle for a user falling asleep or making a mistake.
I’m actually done here now.
Bye everyone

“Maybe it’s just me but if I do something wrong I expect to deal with it myself” is how I derived that you prefer a harder route to fix your mistakes.

And my falling asleep or hitting the wrong button are examples. They certainly aren’t the only cases - I just like giving practical examples from my own use of Infuse for these edge cases.

I don’t understand why you’re so upset but I understand that you are and I will try to speak with more respect if we come across each other on another post. Thank you for the insight you did provide. I’m grateful for you helping me brainstorm up till now.

Have a good day man.