Shows/episodes *un-watched* on Trakt not reflected in Infuse

If I manually un-watch shows/seasons/episodes on Trakt (or “Reset progress” on the whole show), this is not consistently reflected in the Infuse app. Some seasons/episodes will update to this new un-watched state, but then others seem (engineer guessing here…) to have a local and/or iCloud sync’d “Infuse watched” state (that maybe correlates to recency? idk) that overrides whatever the state on Trakt is. Logging out/back into Trakt doesn’t fix this. Only deleting Infuse iCloud data (which obviously is not fun) does.

This is still on our list to investigate, and we hope to get to it once we complete our new iCloud syncing for 6.0.

FYI, your original post is currently marked as pending. :slight_smile:

Great, thanks!

This is actually kind of different/worse than #21231 (“Infuse correctly displays the individual episodes as unwatched (until watched again), however it can’t seem to figure out my current position in the season (the first unwatched episode) like it usually can”) though.

Last year I wasn’t having trouble with episodes appropriately turning back to unwatched, just with watching them again in sequence (Infuse understanding which one I’m at without clicking into the season and it being obvious). Now it’s regressed to the point where episodes just never turn unwatched.

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