Infuse doesn't detect current position in shows that have 'Reset progress' (rewatching) on

Once you’ve finished a show on Trakt, you can ‘Reset progress’ and the original watches per episode remain, but now the episodes are marked unwatched until watched again.

Infuse correctly displays the individual episodes as unwatched (until watched again), however it can’t seem to figure out my current position in the season (the first unwatched episode) like it usually can.

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Hmm, so you are saying the actual watched indicators on each episode are correct, but opening a particular season Infuse is not auto-selecting the first unwatched episode?

Which episode is it selecting? The first one?

Correct! It selects the first one.

Is this a bug or is it supposed to be this way only? I am kind of confused.

Thanks for the info.

This seems like a bug and something we’ll be looking into.

Is this issue still unsolved because I have the same problem.