Sync existing watched history to Trakt

I signed up for trakt the other day, but Infuse is only scrobbling new watches, not the large list of things I’ve already watched. Is there a way to force Infuse to upload that data?



Unfortunately, Infuse will not scrobble past watches to Trakt.

However, syncing of collections and past watched history is something we hope to look into for a future update.

I look forward to that! That would be a very helpful functionality.

Is there any way to do this manually?

You just have to go through and mark each item as watched in infuse. You can go to trakt to do the same thing but you’d have to search for each item you have

I guess I could do that but I was hoping there’d be a way to preserve the timestamps.

I don’t think infuse keeps track of any of that. Think it is just a Boolean watched=true/false. You can manually add dates in trakt if you know roughly the date. When I started using trakt I just marked everything as watched a few years back (to not mess with current years stats) and since I’ve been using it it is up to date.


I just downloaded and purchased Infuse and watched a few movies through it. I then decided to get a Trakt account as well and link that one in Infuse. It now appears that all movies I’ll watch from now on will be synched with Trakt, but allmovies I watched before won’t ever get synched. Is that intended or would there be a way to re-sync all movies and tv shows I watched before linking with Trakt either by the use of a button or on a regular basis?
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Bumping this because I just got a Trakt account after years of using Infuse and I am sad.

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