Ask before removing Trakt history

I use trakt to sync my watch history. The problem is that infuse watched status is binary (watched or unwatched). When I mark something as unwatched it deletes the entire history from trakt without any warning. There is no way to recover this as far as I can tell. You may tell me not to mark it as unwatched then. The problem is sometimes my finger slips or I click at the wrong time and accidentally press the button. Then poof my history is gone. This just happened to me tonight on iOS as I was attempting to reorder items in a playlists and the contextual menu popped open and I selected it. It does happen every so often, on Apple TV too.

I am asking for a popup to confirm that I want to remove my history if I am signed into trakt. It’s not just about how many times I watched something but also how long it has been.


@james this is still a problem that I would like to see fixed. It has just happened to me again and I am quite frustrated. I use my trakt history to help me determine what movies to watch but when this happens it is all gone. My counts and history is gone.

If we could go a step further and have a toggle to hide this from the menu like file management for deleting files.

I would welcome this as well. Trakt can hold the information of multiple plays for a movie/episode each with its own dates. A confirm menu would be good to not erase this by accident.

Still looking for trakt history protection of some sort.

Just added my vote to this too.

Whilst I was using Plex,Emby,Jellyfin with or without Infuse this was less of an issue.

Now using infuse directly if I suddenly want to rewatch an old sitcom show then marking it unwatched in Infuse makes Trakt remove all play history.

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Actually as someone who rewatches stuff often (and loves/relies on Trakt) this is gonna be a real deal breaker.

@james is there anything technical to stop this request being a thing?
I have no issues with it taking a long time to implement because I know that not everything is easy.

I just don’t wanna waste time if there’s a technical reason?

So what would the preferred behavior be here?

A simple warning or prompt (do you want to unmark Trakt as well?), or just avoid marking items as unwatched altogether in your Trakt account?

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From my point of view if an item has been watched, then I can’t really unwatch it. So I would just not remove watch history at all. I don’t mind going to the website if I need to manually fix something.

What would be nice is if we could rewatch shows without losing trakt history. I know lots of users mark things as unwatched to watch again but this doesn’t work for us now.

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Pretty much this option.

The chances of being in the UI and marking something as watched/unwatched unintentionally are fairly remote and can easily be fixed directly on the Trakt website itself as @munpip214 mentions.

As I’m a recent convert to using Infuse natively rather than via a Plex/Emby/Jellyfin server it had never occurred to me that Infuse would remove ALL play history for an item if I marked something as unwatched until @munpip214 mentioned it.

Emby has options for the behaviour that’s pushed to Trakt if something is marked as unwatched in Emby itself.
Jellyfin has even more options.
Plex has zero options as it only uses a one way webhook.

But all three servers never completely removes an items watched history in the way Infuse seemingly does.

Options are nice but probably not needed.
So yeah just for Infuse to not mark something as unwatched would be great if possible.

Again, If there does happen to be a user error with watched status then it can be fixed in Trakt itself.

Just to add my two pennies …

I do occasionally make things as unwatched within Infuse, so I can watch a TV show again. It would be great that this wouldn’t unwatch things on Trakt and just add to the watched count.

Sometimes I do go to the trakt website to manually mark things as watched/unwatched and I wouldn’t want to have that not taken into account within Infuse.

Not sure if the two things clash, but something to think about when you start playing with how things work! :slight_smile:

Is there any way Infuse can show number of times watched? Or maybe have a separate “rewatch” button that clears Infuse watched history and doesn’t play with Trakt, while the watched/unwatched button clears the whole thing/works as it does now?

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Hey @james have you had any more thoughts on this.

Sadly I had to back to Plex today and connecting Infuse to that, just to avoid this issue.

Ugh. Just accidentally removed all history for an item…:cry:

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I really feel your pain. It happened to me with two shows. Hence back to Infuse via Plex.

As much as I dislike bumping threads I really have to make an exception here.
For an app that has so much integration with Trakt that integration pretty much sucks.

Infuse should never wipe out an entire play history for an item. It should simply not report anything as being unwatched to Trakt. If a mistake is made with a watched status it can be corrected on Trakt itself.
If Infuse wipes out that history there is no recovery point.

I had forgotten about this issue to be honest until I just decided to start binge watching on a few nostalgia days. The kind of stuff that I watch at least once a year and now apparently I have never watched before according to Trakt (thanks to Infuse.)

Plex, Emby, Jellyfin and MrMC behave properly but Infuse doesn’t.

Honestly it’s fine and I’m not trying to come across as needy. But I would just like some transparency on if this serious issue is seen as an issue at all.

Having previously spent several weeks uploading shows to TMDB to use Infuse natively (rather than connecting via Plex) so that Infuse and Trakt talk nicely to each other, it would be nice to at least see a “planned” flag against this issue.

Sorry for the rant, and if I have to go back to Plex then that’s fine.

EDIT… With regards to @munpip214 original suggestion about Infuse asking before removing Trakt history, I feel it simply shouldn’t happen in the first place.

:pensive: yes just not removing history is fine.

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Looking into this.


Just wondered if there’s any more news @james

After more chaos with Plex I switched back to Infuse natively and got a prompt reminder when yet again why I had to stop using Infuse, after I completely wiped my Trakt history for another two shows.

I really need to just try and remember just to live with Plex and it’s many failings (for now at least.)

Looks like it’s been added to the docket for the next version 7.4.8 :grin:

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Oh wow.
I only looked at upcoming features a couple of hours ago and totally missed it.
However sadly, for myself it may be a little too late as Plex has started rolling out the ability to set ratings from all clients. (Just Android tv currently.)
The one advantage Plex also has, is the ability to rate a shows season and show overall rather than just episodes.

This has been improved in today’s 7.4.8 update.

Now, when marking an item as unwatched, the status change will sync to iCloud but will not remove the past watched history from Trakt.