Ask before removing Trakt history

I use trakt to sync my watch history. The problem is that infuse watched status is binary (watched or unwatched). When I mark something as unwatched it deletes the entire history from trakt without any warning. There is no way to recover this as far as I can tell. You may tell me not to mark it as unwatched then. The problem is sometimes my finger slips or I click at the wrong time and accidentally press the button. Then poof my history is gone. This just happened to me tonight on iOS as I was attempting to reorder items in a playlists and the contextual menu popped open and I selected it. It does happen every so often, on Apple TV too.

I am asking for a popup to confirm that I want to remove my history if I am signed into trakt. It’s not just about how many times I watched something but also how long it has been.


@james this is still a problem that I would like to see fixed. It has just happened to me again and I am quite frustrated. I use my trakt history to help me determine what movies to watch but when this happens it is all gone. My counts and history is gone.

If we could go a step further and have a toggle to hide this from the menu like file management for deleting files.

I would welcome this as well. Trakt can hold the information of multiple plays for a movie/episode each with its own dates. A confirm menu would be good to not erase this by accident.