Why do some folders don't have a poster(and also the folder name instead of the series name)

Hi guys, hi @james ,

maybe you can explain.
I am not using the library. Instead I am organizing in different favorites.
Some titles in Infuse don’t get a poster and also the name in Infuse is the name from the folder (on my NAS).
Here is an example of the show "Unsere Erde 3", which is shown in Infuse with the folder name “Unser Erde 3_UHD_HDR” (“_UHD_HDR” are tags that I add to the foldername):

Now interesting is when I go into this folder (in Infuse) the season itself does have a poster and metadata is correct and all:

Here are screenshots of how it looks in my NAS:

(The filename are “TV show name - Season - Episode title”)

Now I have another show, which is similar, but in this case the folder (in Infuse) does also have a poster:

The name of this folder (in Infuse) is not exactly like the foldername on my NAS, instead the real show name is being shown (like it should be).
Also when I go into this folder (in Infuse) the season is also correctly shown:

Also also the Episodes are shown correctly with all metadata:

The folder on my NAS has a similar structure like the first one:

You can see that in the foldername there are also tags (“_UHD_DV”).
Here is the season:

And here are the episodes:

So in sum, in my opinion both folders (on my NAS) do have a similar strucure. But the first one is not correctly recognized in Infuse, the second one is correct recognized.

PS: This is just an example. I have several other shows in this structure where the first folder does not have a poster, but the seasons within this folder have.
Can you explain the difference or what I am doing wrong?

If you standardize how you name your folders and files as follows you shouldn’t have any more problems.

First, the TV series folder needs to be just the series name (and maybe year). Inside of that you need individual season folders (even for only 1 season shows). Then the file name needs to match the rest. Often, having the year follow the series name and before the “S0xE0x” id will make it all work with the least amount of problems.

File name and folder structure example

Yeah, I am already using a structured name scheme.
Strange is, that the season folder poster is shown correctly, so infuse does recognize the show.

But it looks like you may not be, the main folder needs to be just the series name with no extras just like you have the individual episodes named before the “S0xE0x”.

That usually turns out to be why you don’t get the series artwork is because there is a mismatch in the names of the episodes and the main folder. Also not having the episodes in a season folder will cause artwork issues.

In other cases (like „Im Reich der Schimpansen_UHD_DV“ as I described) it works.

So, how else can I put tags like (HDR, UHD, DV) or something like that to a show (on the fileserver side)?

You can add that to the filename after the SxxExx part.

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