Folder view: some TV shows use metadata name/descriptions, others - not. Why?


I’m experimenting with setting up my movie/tv show library to be compatible with Infuse.
Just noticed, that in Folder view there are some tv shows, which use metadata poster/names/descriptions. Others are using plain folder name with default icon.
See attached images for the examples.
Why this happens? Is there a way I can control this?

There’s a great users guide for metadata here Metadata 101 – Firecore that will give examples of how to name both types of files and how to organize them.

If the file names are not quite what Infuse is looking for they may not gather the artwork or info so if you have an example of the file names that are giving you problems you can post them here and we can see if we can get it figured out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping! In fact I noticed this issue after thorough reading the article you suggested and setting all my library to be compatible with Infuse file name convention. So, currently all of the movies and TV shows in my library are successfully fetching metadata from tmdb and thetvdb. Descriptions and posters are available for all of the files in Library view.
But why they are shown in Folder view (where I’m expecting to see exact folder names instead of show names)? And why this happens only on some of the shows?
I think this may be a bug. At least I think user should be able to control - if he want to see metadata instead of folder names in Folder view.

Have you tried changing the Show Filenames setting in Infuse to “On”? I’ve never wanted to see the actual folder or file names when in the favorites view so I have mine set to “Off” but I think I understand what you want.

The reason you’re seeing some of the folder names is that the name doesn’t fit anything Infuse sees as a TV show series or Movie so it gives them the generic icons.

Turning the ‘Show Filenames’ on was the first I have tried. Unfortunately, this only have effect in the bigger movie info view in the Home screen.

Yes, looks like you are right here. It turns out, the metadata appears in Folder view for the folder names which exactly match the name of the show. And this gives multi language users a real problem: some of the metadata names appear in local language (Russian in my case), breaking the sorting and making it very difficult to find a folder you are looking for.

Take a look at attached screenshot. I’m browsing the folder list sorted by file name, and I’m on a ‘T’ letter. Here we go: “The Goes Wrong Show”, “The Hollow Crown” and “Компьютерщики” (this is “The IT Crowd”) and “Гуща событий” (this is “The Thick Of It”) - so you never know where to find the show you want. The quick and easy workaround is to explicitly add something to the folder name to make it not match the name of the show.

But I think the best fix is to force Infuse to show folder names exactly as they are. If they match the show name - show metadata: description, icons, but leave the folder name intact (as it is exactly the same). But never translate it in Folder view. What do you think?

So is it the different languages it’s showing that is what you don’t like or is it the alphabetical order that seems off? Just trying to get a grasp on what you’d prefer to see.

Infuse ignores the word “The” in the front of movie and tv show names and alphabetizes based on the next word. Is that something you would prefer differently also?

In Folder view I prefer to see the exact name of the folder. If the name of the folder matches the show name there is additional info available (poster image, description). And this is great! But displaying the localised show name instead of folder name is confusing and breaking the sorting logic. When I want to see localised names I use Search - TV Shows screen. When I want exact folder names - I’m using Folder view.

No. “The” is not ignored when sorting by file name (at least in Folder view). Take a look at the screenshot (lates Infuse beta, iOS13.4).