Missing poster and how to be replaced

Hello there,
On the Babylon Berlin tv show the poster is missing (img_01)
I want to put one of my pictures as a poster there and I uploaded it as png with the name folder.png (img_02)
but the result remains the same and without the poster that I selected.
What should I name the picture?
Am I doing something wrong?
I use NAS (smb)
Thank you.

The setup you have usually works, especially if you force a metadata fetch for the series. But alas not always.
Lately infuse seems to lives it’s own life when it comes to metadata handling and no one seems to care.
Sure there have been trouble with tvdb but that really only should affect downloaded material.
I’ve had the “poster.jpg” and “season 1-poster.jpg” work for months then all of a sudden Infuse downloads posters instead of using the ones on disk.
I really wish Infuse would stop auto refesh metadata for files that hasn’t changed.

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Using your own images for TV series is handled a little bit differently, as you can set artwork for a series, season, and episode.

Doing this will require organizing your TV shows into folders (EG Series Name/Season 1/epsidoes) and a bit more info on how this works can be found here.

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That was what I was trying to ilustrate. Stopped working for me though. Posted my previously working folder structure.
Seems to me that if there is any poster at all on TVDB Infuse ignores the ones you specify,


Are you browsing via folders, or via the Library?

Not entirely sure how to find that out, I have 3 favourites that maps to differnt folders on a SMB share.
I don’t use the categories.
Edit: Show Library is not enabled so i guess not?

Ah, that may explain it.

This TV series artwork overriding is only available when browsing via the Library (either orange library icon, or the pink TV shows icon).

Can you try the following

  1. Enable the Library via Settings > Library
  2. Browse to Library > TV Shows > All TV Shows
  3. See if your posters appear

One thing you can do is add a favorite for the ‘All TV Shows’ item (simply long-press on this item in the library) and have this appear on the home screen. Using this to browse instead of folders should allow you to achieve the result you are looking for.

Well it worked, thanks for that. Just by enabling library all posters (given time) reappeard in my favourites.
At the same time ignoring all choices/corrections I have made for movies and shows, but I can live with that.
I don’t really understand why it’s implemented this way, a consistent way of naming would be preffered.
Still, thanks!

How do I change the picture of a movie Enemy Lines in the watching section of the main menu.
Thank you.

If you are a member of TMDB you can add a backdrop poster to the listing there. It appears that there’s only one backdrop poster and that’s the one you have shown on your screen grab. If you add a new one you may be able to up vote it and have it become the default. Enemy Lines (2020) — The Movie Database (TMDb)

I don’t believe that Infuse currently has the ability to add your own poster for movies but I may be wrong.

Thank you very much for your help.

Glad to help! :slight_smile:

Nice new backdrop too :wink:

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