Folders problem

Hi! I download Infuse on my TV… I have a folder named Series and within folders with the episodes… only for those in the pic doesn’t work metadata
Any ideas? Thanks!

Same problem here…

Update: some folders are with visuals, others not - will have to look into that further.

Same here. Tried TV Shows with Season * folders and flattened folders. folder.jpg banner.jpg poster.jpg fanart.jpg. All present but only a folder icon is visible.

At least you’re seeing folders. I logged onto my Time Capsule with a “Guest” user name and using the Disk password, but when I try to add favorite folders it just tells me “Empty Folder. Move along, nothing to see here.”

I am having the same issue with some shows as well. I was able to fix some by naming the folder correctly. For instance; The Venture Bros’ folder was named “Venture Bros” and it wasn’t displaying box art until I named the folder “The Venture Bros”.

What I noticed is that Infuse for TVOS is very picky about naming formats - much more than ATV Flash.
You need to to have the folder structure and file naming exactly as explained in:

So, for exampel in a folder called ‘Season 1’ all files must have the same format, e.g. ‘show-name_s01e01.mkv’.
The folder art won’t show if you name episode 1 ‘show-name_s01e01.mkv’ and episode 2 ‘show-name_s01e02.episode-name.mkv’

I had to go through all my files and folder to correct name and structure and now everything is nicely laid out with cover art and season view within.

I’ll try that tomorrow! Thanks Sohe68

Update 06-12-2015: No dice. Didn’t work unfortunately. Probably have to wait for an update.

The funny hing is that with my Mycloud WD everything downloaded without a hitch (even my season folders are called here “Sx” instead of “Season x”) but on my Time capsule the results are almost random - sometimes it’s enough to rename the subfolders from “Sx” to “Season x” sometimes this doesn’t help.

I will wait for the 4.01 update…

Using an umbrella cover art for folders including multiple seasons would be a nice addition.

My problem with the folder display has been solved. Well, I have a workaround.
The content is located on my Synology NAS. I added the content with DLNA. No folder art was visible. But when adding the same folder with SMB, all the folders were displayed with the correct artwork.
I’m not using DLNA to access the content but SMB now.

All I want now is for me to delete from Infuse after watching an episode, but that’s another thread.

You have series folders, place a cover file named folder.jpg into the folder, than you see a folder cover.