Why are my movies/shows appearing multiple time?

Hello, I have recently purchased Infuse and for some reason I am experiencing this weird thing where all of the “content” on the app is showing in 2 or 3 times.

I was wondering if it may be because the movies in my library are all in their own folders and they have a .nfo file as well.

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Where are you seeing multiples at? In the library, or in a favorite?

Hello, thank you!

I see it on the home page in the recent and I believe in the categories as well

Could you do a screen cap of it and post so we can see what your looking at?

Here you go:

imgur album

It sounds like you may have duplicated your shares. If you go to Settings, Shares, under Saved shares do you have any duplicate locations?

Are you using anything like Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin?

Also, since you said you’re just starting with Infuse have you let it complete its scan and iCloud sync? You can go to the Settings > Library and on that page you should see a “Last Updated…” below the left side and a “Sync with iCloud…” on the upper right below the refresh metadata button.

I only use Infuse

I believed it was done automatically but I will give it a try

I have done that and it doesn’t change anything :confused:

Can you navigate to Infuse > Settings > Library and see if there are duplicate entries there?

how do I know?

When you go to Setting > Library under the "Sync with iCloud in the top section you should see your server one time, do you have more than one listing there?

It may be like




Maybe do a screen cap of what you’re seeing on this page.

I only have one source boss

What protocol are you using? SMB FTP UPnP DLNA etc

I believe it is SMB