Plex Share - Movies Showing Twice

Now that PLEX libraries can be shared, I have gone back to using InFuse, as I have a bunch of 4k content. My issue is that in the Infuse Library, every move shows up twice. How can I fix? I’ve tried multiple options, including removing all the metadata and disconnecting and reconnecting the shares.

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By chance, do you have multiple copies of each movie (EG 1080p and 4K)? If so, we’re working to add smart grouping for the 5.7.4 update, which will ensure multiple versions of the same title will appear under a single library entry.

In some cases yes, but every movie is shown twice, where I have 2 (1 - 1080p and 1 - 4k) I see four movies. My Plex set up has libraries with movies separated into genres and then one library that has all movies in it. Could this cause the Infuse Library to see 2 copies of the movies?

Got it.

It’s possible having the same movie included in multiple libraries is causing an issue as well. Right now Infuse will add videos from every library it can find. However, another thing we’ve added for 5.7.4 is an option to exclude certain Plex libraries from Infuse’s library. This would allow you to deselect the genre based libraries, and just keep the all movies library which should help.

OK, I’ll wait until after the update and see if that resolves the issue.