Movies double in library when moved to another folder

Hi everyone,
I have exactly the same problem (v 7.3.10 on apple tv 4k)
I have tried all the suggestion for fixing the issue (deleting all shares, metadata, iCloud sync, adding the new share back) but nothing fixed the problem. More suggestion?

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What protocol are you using for your shares? SMB, FTP. UPnP etc?

Are you letting Infuse complete it’s scan after starting?

How many shares are you connected to?

What are your shares located on? NAS, cloud, drive connected to router, etc?

Have you by any chance duplicated a share with two different protocols?

Since thw thread you posted in is several years old, a lot has changed with both Infuse and the OSs so I moved your post to a new thread. :wink:

Hi NC_Bullseye, please find below my answers:

  • protocol: SMB
  • Infuse did a complete scan after start
  • shares located on 2 different NAS in the same network
  • no, no same share with different protocol

Well if you’ve gone through deleting everything including Infuse and iCloud then if you’re seeing doubles you most likely have two copies of the same movie in two different locations.

If you look at the pre-playback screen for each copy of a duplicate you’ll see the location (which share) at the top on the left hand side just above the name and if you scroll to the bottom of that same screen you can copare the actual file names of the video when look at each copy.

Can you check to see if there are duplicate items listed in Infuse > Settings > Library?

Hi James,
in Settings > Library I can see only the list of 2 shares (so no duplicate items)

I haven’t delete Infuse (but only the shares, the metadata and iCloud off/on)
I can assure you that there are not duplicated files, I only moved (moved not copied) some files from one share to another.

Unfortunately I cannot see the location on the top-left…
But I can tell you this:

  • if i’m going to watch just a few minutes of one of the duplicate file (doesn’t matter which) both of the duplicate items will show on the left-top corner the exact same icon of seen-time.
  • if I sign one of the duplicate items as “already seen” - both of items will change the status (the same if I sign one of them as " not seen" - both of duplicated items will change the status)

Can you send screenshots or pictures of the two files on the pre playback screen. One from the top and when scrolled to the bottom for each file?

Synchronized position and watched status is expected if they are the same title.

If you look on the pre playback screen can you see the location and file names?

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This is normal behavior for Infuse.

Are you seeing duplicate copies if you browse the share directly via Infuse > Settings > Shares > Share Name > Add Favorite?

If the files were moved, I would look in both the old and new locations.

Sorry but on my Infuse app (v 7.3.10) installed on Apple Tv 4K (1st generation - 2017) I cannot see all these details…
I browsed through the various settings but could not find anything to activate the view of these details.

Nope, I cannot se the duplicates if I browse to the shares directly that way (Infuse>Settings>Shares>Ad Favourite) - in this way I can see all the real files as browsing on the shares via PC file explorer or MAC finder.

However gentlemen, I thank you for your gracious effort to help me! But… don’t worry and don’t waste your time with this issue, I thought it was easier and faster to solve…
I moved about ten files from one share to another - I will slowly delete these files after watching the movies so it will be solved as soon as I delete the files (already done with 4 of them).
It’s annoying … but for sure I can live with it :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, I have 4 movies that appear double but only in my “recently added”
In the folder itself it shows as normal.
Also if I delete, then i can delete each time either one of the double’s (does not matter wich → tested)
Then the movie itself is gone, but the double remain and i cannot delete that, because then i got error saying “somethings got wrong deleting file” (duh, it’s already gone…)
Strangly enough it’s only with 4 files, and i already did the rebuild of the metadata by clearing it and it remains
I have 2 apple TV’s with latest soft and it is on both. However on my ipad app, it is not. For me proof that it’s 100% related to bug

did you clear cache?