Infuse is duplicating my library

I have been using infuse for a few months now, but I have recently installed a NAS which has my entire movie database on it. Infuse is somehow creating 2 additional copies of every movie. This does not happen to the tv shows view. Only in the movies view and also through the library view if I select movies. The movies are not duplicated inside the favourite folder I added. Does anyone know what I can do to correct this. I have tried deleting all the shares, but it hasn’t helped. I have 3 Apple TV in my home and all share the exact same settings, this has not occurred before I copied over my database.

Hopefully someone understands this issue and can help me. Thank you

You need to go into the shares settings and uncheck the duplicate folders so the library doesn’t duplicate the files in the library sorts.

This users guide section should help. :wink:

That would be understandable if multiple shares are selected. I only have 1 folder and 1 SMB share. My movies folder is the only one linked on all Apple TV’s

You said you recently added a nas, did you delete the prior share that the nas replaced?

Yes. I have even not added my NAS on my other 2 Apple TV’s to eee if only 1 connected helps. It hasn’t helped. This has only began since I transferred everything to my NAS

Also, on the pre-playback screen Infuse will show the location of a file so you may want to look at each one of a movie that is duplicated and see where it show’s they’re located.

I’ve checked that as well. They all say the same location.

If you have iCloud sync on it may have added the NAS to the others.

Also, how are you connected to the NAS? DLNA or UPnP by any chance?

Through Ethernet. Just normal home router.

No, I meant protocol, SMB, FTP, DLNA, UPnP etc.

Ahh sorry. SMB

This is very strange. I’ve noticed not everything has been duplicated. There are some movies that haven’t been. Here is a photo I took

Do you have anything else along with your videos like posters or metadata? Are the movies in folders or by themselves. If you navigate by folders are there duplicates?

I have checked all the tv series folders and none of them are duplicated. Only the movies are. They are not in any folder, no artwork etc. just the movies.

Could you do another screen shot of the “Shares” screen in Settings where it shows “Saved Shares”?

Here are the pictures you asked for image

I have been doing some more researching and thought it best to provide the following details. I am using the current version of Infuse pro 7.1.2. My NAS is a QNAP TS 251D. I have checked another setting, it is using the highest version of SMB 3.0 and lowest 1.0 set. I have also gone through the database to find any extra files that could be causing this that are not movies or episodes. There was a download folder but I removed that a couple days ago. I tried removing the share from all my Apple TV devices and just adding it to my lounge one. I also removed all metadata and forced a rescan of my NAS. This has not helped, though I was able to reduce the others folder amount to below 300. It should be 0.

I just thought of something. My QNAP NAS is configured in a RAID 1. This mirrors the 2 hard drives, so they have identical copies on each other in the event of a HDD failure, I won’t lose my collection. Can this be causing it? But if it might be this, then why is it duplicating some movies 4 times and others not even once? Just thought I should check.

Okay, we can step through this. Next can we see a screen cap for the screen after you click on “AlisonNAS” under Saved Shares? It should show a list of “FAVORITES”

The RAID 1 may be part of it but let’s walk through this and see if we can make sure. :wink: