Upgrade from ATV 1st Gen to 3rd Gen


I currently have a ATV 4K 1st gen, and I would like to buy a 3rd gen. The only thing that is slowing me is that I don’t know if there is a way to transfer all my infuse settings, metadatas, home filters…

I never used iCloud so I don’t know if that could be a way and how should I proceed after receiving my new ATV ?

Thank you

Turn on iCloud if you don’t have it enabled.

Once it finishes syncing with iCloud on the original iCloud you can leave it connected.

When you get the new one, connect it also and download Infuse ( make sure you’re using the same Apple ID) and launch it.

After you launch Infuse on the new one, go right to Settings, (don’t add shares) and select Library.

On the library screen it should have a message on the left side something like “Syncing with iCloud”.

It will also go through fetching artwork and that may take a bit but don’t worry.

Let it finish this and you should have all of your info and metadata on the new ATV.

Here’s some info on iCloud sync in Infuse.

Don’t forget to enable the new ATV cloud backup also.

After you’ve checked that everything is duplicated on your new ATV you can then remove the old one or use it elsewhere. :wink:

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One thing to consider is that it seems the 2nd has better support for Dolby Vision content.

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Thank you NCB !
Will it also copy all the settings of the app? Like home screen sorting and design, filters, etc…? Or only library stuff ?

There are rumours of a new model coming out next year, so you may want to wait (either for the new one, or to get the 3rd gen at a discount).

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Full details on the link I gave you above. :wink:

For apps other than Infuse, if you enable “One Home Screen” in the Apple TV settings, it will download all your apps onto the new Apple TV once you set it up, and they’ll be arranged in the same order. The settings of each app aren’t copied unfortunately; you’ll have to set up each app again.

Not for infuse if they follow the directions in my above post.

Sorry I misread the original post, I thought the OP was asking about other apps. I’ve edited my comment.

Thank you Guys, sorry NCB that I didn’t read the link before asking further details. I’ll use this method then !

J0E, I read somewhere that

  • For the older Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation) there is no method to transfer client side settings and apps.
  • For Apple TV (4th generation or later), you can use the [One Home Screen] functionality to sync apps

So I was convinced that my ATV was too old. But reading this again I understand that there is some confusion with ATV generations ( as the last one on apple site is 3rd Gen, but here they talk about 4th Gen ).

It does get confusing with what gen for ATVs. Many users consider the ATV HD as the first gen and that’s how you get gen 4. (And don’t EVEN try to figure out how to include the very first Apple TV from 2007 we’d be on gen 8 or 9 now. LOL).

Here’s a page that almost makes sense out of things.

I use both Infuse 7 and Infuse 6 Pro and you’d be surprised at how seamless the iCloud syncing is between both of those versions. It’s quite beautiful honestly. Just turn on iCloud, give it some time to sync, then move to the new software and it will be perfect.

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Just remember, it’s a one time sync when updating from v6 to v7. They won’t sync to the different versions once you update to 7. :wink:

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