Adding a second aTV to your network + other aTV metadata questions

Hi – Just bought infuse - thank you very much, it is the best video playing app on the market, bar none. I tried it compared to Kodi and others and it offers the best performance every time – It is well worth the money. (and Kodi was running on a more powerful android box than the aTV 4)

I have a few question regarding tagging –

  1. I did a lot of work on the metadata on my aTV and am thinking of buying second one for another TV – is there a way for it to pick up the tagging from my current aTV so I don’t have to retag everything that wasn’t automatically tagged.

  2. Also, where does infuse save the tagging information?

  3. is there a way to speed up the process of entering a folder - it currently takes about 5 minutes because of the amount of files subfolders in the network location?

  4. What is the best way to add the year to get the best tagging match – XXXXX (2010) or XXXXX 2010 or some other option?

Thank you in adavance

1 & 2. Yes, Infuse will use iCloud to keep devices in sync. So, if you’re running Pro all your shares, favorites, metadata, playback settings, and Up Next list will show up automatically on your 2nd device.

  1. Have you thought about using the Library option instead? This will provide an indexed view and allow you to browse via a number of filters. It will also be quite a bit quicker than browsing folders directly.

  2. Either of these will work. Personally I use ‘Inception (2010).mkv’ since it makes the filenames appear a bit cleaner.

Thanks so much – where exactly is the metadata information saved and is there a way to “dump” it from the atv so I can see the items missing tags?

There’s no way to export metadata from Infuse a this time. Sorry.

James, how do we configure the iCloud sync in Infuse in order to get the data on the 2nd AppleTV ?

iCloud Sync is enabled by default, but you can adjust this setting in Infuse > Settings.