Setup & Subscription Queries - New ATV for old

I currently have a yearly subscription to Infuse on my ATV4K. I’ve just received the new model and have a couple of queries.

Subscription - Will this carry on to the new ATV4K when I set it up and sign it in to my iCloud account? I’ll be signing out of the existing box, setting it up for a family member using their own iCloud login where I’ll purchase a separate infuse pro yearly subscription for them

Setup - Will I have to set everything up from scratch with regard to existing shares or is that info stored in iCloud

Thanks for any help

Your subscription will be good to go and will follow the User ID that it was purchased on. The one caveat is that it won’t follow if you move to a different country and use a different Apple app store. Your subscription is good on any device that uses that Apple users ID and also can be shared with family. More info on that can be found here.

I would recommend that you first sign into the new device, go to the app store and you should see Infuse 7 in your purchased area. Download it, launch it and just let it run for a while. You can navigate to the Library settings screen and it should be giving messages such as “Syncing with iCloud”. It may take a while, the last time I did this it took an hour or so. After you get the new device running Infuse then you can clear the old one your passing on.

Everything except for the artwork is stored in iCloud so it should be pretty painless. You can read a bit more detail here.

The Artwork will download automatically from either TMDB or TVDB and you should be good to go.

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Superb - thanks @NC_Bullseye - much appreciated

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