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Hi, I’m interested in switching from my three other media players running Kodi to three ATVs 4K with Infuse, and I have some questions:

  1. Obviously I have to purchase a flavor of Infuse for ATV (more on that later). I suppose this works like all other apps bought from App Store, correct? I buy Infuse for one ATV and I’m able to download and use without repurchasing on all ATVs linked to the same Apple ID, correct?

  2. One very useful feature in Kodi was the shared database between devices. I could start a movie in one media server, stop it and resume later from where I left off in the other TV in another media box (another room). Same goes for the marking of which films I had already watched or not. Supposing that all my ATVs point to the same library on my Synology NAS, will I have this functionality?

  3. I don’t plan to stream movies to my iPhone or iPad. Is there a reason for also purchasing the iPhone/iPad Infuse apps in my use case?

  4. I am against subscriptions in principal and much rather prefer to pay all costs upfront. Which version of the app should I download on my ATV? If I understand correctly, I can download Infuse (not the Pro version) from the App Store, and pay for a lifetime license. Does this mean that regardless of the number of ATVs, I will pay upfront and only once the cost of a single lifetime license and will be entitled to all future major version upgrades, like the upcoming Infuse 6 on all ATVs? If so, can someone tell me what is that cost?

  5. I currently have a third generation AppleTV, which I see is not supported. Is there anyway I can run Infuse on it, or is it a lost cause?

  6. Which brings me to the most important point. From what I understand, the third gen AppleTV is not supported because it was never jailbroken. Is there any chance that Apple will one day decide to remove Infuse from the App Store, leaving the AppleTV 4K also out in the cold? What makes the third gen AppleTV different from the current generation boxes?

Sorry for the long post and number of questions, but I need to ensure that this setup will meet my needs before deciding to purchase; thanks for your time.

Welcome to the forum!

  1. Infuse is a universal app, and a single purchase/subscription will cover all your devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV).

  2. In Infuse 5 this is possibly when using Trakt (more info here iCloud & Trakt Syncing – Firecore) The upcoming Infuse 6 version will allow for libraries to sync via iCloud, so Trakt won’t be required.

  3. You have access to the iPhone/iPad version automatically at no extra cost (see #1), so there’s no extra purchase required.

  4. If you choose to purchase the lifetime license via the free Infuse 5 app, you would receive all future updates (including v6, v7, etc…) at no extra cost. Updates are also included with the monthly or yearly subscription options.

  5. Infuse is only available for the ATV4 (and newer) models. Sorry.

  6. While anything is possible, Infuses is designed to be in compliance with all Apple’s App Store rules, so the chances of it being removed are pretty low. The ATV3 simply doesn’t have an App Store available for 3rd party apps, so Infuse was never available on those devices.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you James for all your answers; I think I’ll take the plunge!

Another question, that just came to mind; I have a rather large media collection (approximately 3000 movies and 300 TV shows); any chance that the metadata or library size will be too big for the 32GB ATV and I should opt for the 64GB model instead ? I don’t plan to game or download any other large apps on the ATV so, we’re basically discussing the stock tvOS plus Infusion’s database size.

The 32GB will be fine for Infuse, and you’ll only run into trouble if you decide to download other apps that take up a lot of space (IPTV apps in particular). 64GB might be a bit more future proof…but YMMV.

Also, the upcoming v6 release will be able to sync more info to iCloud, and won’t need to rely on local storage quite as much.

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Another Newbie Question:
Am I correct in understanding that metadata is stored on each viewing device?

I use Infuse v6 for my library that is stored on an external USB hard drive which is connected to a WiFi router to broadcast the library. The geographical location in which I utilize the program does not have internet service readily available. I periodically update the movie library at a location with internet service but when the kids access the updated movies, they are not getting the metadata.

Is there a method to store the metadata on the hd in which the library is stored?

Currently, there is no way for Infuse to store metadata on the server your files are on. The metadata is stored on the device running infuse and backed up in iCloud (except for the artwork for now). The updates require infuse to both check with iCloud and also check with the server for files added or deleted.

Thanks for the info - just seems like a lot of redundancy.

The reason for that is that on the devices that Infuse runs on the memory is not protected for each app. If you happen to run a different app and it needs more space than is currently available, the operating system can clear other apps data to make room. That was happening on occasion and causing Infuse to have to totally rebuild the metadata library. Now with it backed up in iCloud the only real delay is grabbing the artwork but the rest is available to reload from iCloud.

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