iCloud Sync + ATV4

Hello everyone I’m new here I met this amazing app this week, great job for the devs.
My question is how can I sync everything I have added on my phone to my ATV4. I follow all guides, I’ve the same iCloud accounts in both devices and iCloud Sync on under Infuse settings. The thing is that I can watch all movies and series on my phone and everything is great but the only way to watch it on my ATV is with AirPlay because it’s empty. Also I log in the same Trakt.tv account and I saw the Infuse Pro logo on the ATV. I checked iCloud Drive and the app has data. I remove it and uninstall the app from the ATV and installed again.
(I got Infuse Pro from in-app purchase)
Both devices were on with internet connection for 4 days now and nothing.

Info may help:
iOS App version: Infuse Pro 6.3.2 (2970)
tvOS App version: Infuse Pro 6.3.2 (2970)
tvOS version: 13.4

iCloud sync only syncs settings and doesn’t sync media. Where are your movies located?

It may take a while for the iCloud sync to complete on the ATV. When you launch Infuse on the ATV you should see the Welcome to Infuse screen asking you to add shares. You don’t have to do that, just click on the gear icon on the top of the screen and first, ensure that you have iCloud sync enabled then select Library in the preferences.

There you should see a notice on the left hand side saying syncing to iCloud. Just let that screen sit there a while and you should start seeing the numbers next to movies and tv shows and possibly “others” increase. Once it finishes you should be able to back out to the home screen and have everything showing.

I have a fair sized library and it took about an hour or two to get loaded.

This is for a local file server. If you only have the files on your phone you’ll have to stick with airplay or have a local server.

Google Drive and OneDrive

Hello, I did it still there but no syncing message is showed. I left it open

Can you check to see if the cloud connections appear in Infuse in Settings > Shares in the list of ‘Saved Shares’?

One thing to keep in mind is you will need to have at least one favorite added in order for your items to be accessible on the Apple TV (on iOS you can browse the entire cloud connection via Files).

More info on adding favorites on Apple TV can be found here.

No, is that Add files section?
And I have all folders added as favorite.

How? MAGIC. I was looking in the iCloud settings and I discover that there was a bug with iCloud because it asked me to accept the ToS and everytime I click agree it just crash to main screen so I remove my iCloud account from the ATV and linked it again and now it’s working like a charm.
So if someone has a similar issue you can just try it.
And thank you all for your answers.

Awesome! :smiley:

Thanks for following up.