Updating to 5.3

Newbie with ATV 2 here.  My question is I am currently running 5.2.1 (Tethered) but I have not updated seasonspass yet. If I want to update to OS 5.3 so I can get the new features,  What should I update first? and would I have to reconfigure XBMC and any other programs?


Thanks in advance for the advice,

The only thing to update is to get the newest seasonpass, it’s free.

You will have to install XBMC and any other addons because the ATV will be wiped clean when new firmware is put on it.

Once jailbroken try the XBMC HUB WIZARD http://www.xbmchub.com/blog/2013/06/03/how-to-jailbreak-and-install-xbmc-on-your-apple-tv-2-then-configure-it-with-the-xbmc-hub-wizard-addon/ to install XBMC (skip to part two for the instructions), it will install XBMC and many addons. Both nitoinstaller and xbmc installer may take awhile to install, so don’t worry too much after 5 minites or so and it hasn’t installed yet.