Refresher on how to update

Sometime ago I tethered jail broke ATV2 with 4.4.4.  I now would like to update to 5.0.2  But I need a refresher how to update.  Do I just do the Apple TV update found in my ATV2 settings to get me to 5.0.2 and then re-jaibreak with the new Seasonpass?


Thanks in advance!

Do we do a restore or something first? 

No, you can simply download Seas0nPass and click Create IPSW and then follow the instructions thereafter.

Been reading this post and have a few questions with what ahatheway posted. I was also once tethered and am tether free now. But the issue is I bought the fireCore Black package to install on my AppleTv2 and it won’t allow me, saying server is closed.  Can’t SSH either as a test or FTP in wirelessly. Tried a cat 5 cable no difference. This issue arose after I updated to the non tethered SeasonPass got XBMC installed using Putty then decided to buy/install the fireCore package and the issues started. I think I may have to reset the AppleTv to Factory settings and do the process from scratch. Any insight is appreciated. Starting from scratch is not an issue. Just need direction and how to get back to factory on my AppleTv.