Unable to delete files from WebDAV

Hi I’m hoping someone can help. I have infuse linked to a WebDAV account.

I have enabled file management in infuse, and if I try and delete a movie file within infuse it also delete the file from my WebDAV which is fine.

However if I attempt to delete a show/season with multiple episodes it disappears and reappears seconds later in infuse so I can’t delete it.

There are no error messages, the show simply reappears.

Is this a known error?

Hi James, many thanks for your app, I am using infuse using the WebDAV option connected to my RD account, the issue I am having is when I delete a movie or show , after refreshing it appears again, I have double checked to see if files management is on and it is. maybe I am doing this wrongly, I have seen it been discussed on Reddit

Secondly I do have lots of buffering when watching both 1080p or 4K videos. My internet has a download speed of 150Mbps. is there any setting that needs to be down to solve this situation.

Your response will be appreciated


Can you try running a speed test in Infuse to see what kind of speeds you are able to get from this server? This tool can be helpful if you are trying to pinpoint network related issues.

With regard to deletions, are these being deleted from within Infuse or directly on the server? Is there a specific area the deleted files are re-appearing in?

Hello, many thanks for responding

With regards to speed test, the speeds are really good for 4K and 1080p I am getting 120Mbps for both

About the deletions, I am deleting them from the Home Screen it reappears , I tried deleting from the WebDAV folder in files , but after refreshing it all reappears again

Anyone here got a way to fix deleting files reappearing on infuse after deleting , currently using the latest software update and using WebDAV connected to my RD account


Can anyone here teach me how to delete video files off WebDAV, maybe I might be doing it wrong but it is becoming frustrating deleting a video then after refreshing it reappears again ? I am using RD connected via webDAV, I have tried deleting my watched video files from the homescreen and even the files column yet they reappear.Any help will be appreciated.Thanks

Hello, lovely app by the way and absolutely loving a bit of it , I am using the WebDAV connected to my real debrid account, everything plays well, issue here is when I delete a video I have watched it reappears again . I am using the latest app, enabled files management as well but still no joy . I have asked on Reddit but still nothing

I hope you can help me here as to how to go about it .

I combined all of the posts regarding deleting WebDAV problems so it can be addressed in one place.

When deleting series files in infuse, not the entire folder with the series is deleted entirely, but each series individually. As a result, you need to delete each episode so that the series disappears from the home screen. Or, just go to the PC/NAS storage itself and delete the folder with the series.

I have tried that by deleting the individual espisodes and they still reappear

It will feel good if the delete function will work on the app, that’s after watching a show you just delete it from there rather than coming out to a different app to do it, it’s an alternative but it’s a long process @james


The delete function is working. I switched from SMB to WebDAV over a year ago. And this type of connection is the only one. It is possible that infuse cannot delete the file due to your device’s security settings or account access rights. For example, the rights of a user who is connected to WebDAV are read-only.

Okay, is your WebDAV connected to your Real debrid account?

Is it?

Yeah that’s what I use , it’s interesting, how can I configure the permissions to allow for deletion?

I currently do not have access to this service to view possible settings.but the principle will be something like this:

You can also ask a question to the technical support of this service to get instructions.

Thanks mate