File deletion glitch (or not?)


I thought I’d post again since response time is very impressive. :slight_smile:

For a while now, and through a couple of updates both to Infuse Pro and of course TVOS, when I attempt to delete a tv episode, I get the standard <Delete/Cancel> option. If I select I am then presented with the exact same dialogue options and must select to continue.

It wasn’t this way for quite some time. I did scroll through about 2 years of these Apple TV questions but didn’t come across something similar - so apologies if this had been asked and answered.


So in effect you are getting the prompt to delete/cancel twice and on the second prompt it will actually allow you to delete? Or does it just carry on giving you the delete/cancel prompt continuously?

I haven’t noticed anything in the release notes with regards to any changes to deleting media and I personally never delete anything from my library so sadly can’t try it to confirm what you are seeing.


When presented with the <Delete/Cancel> the second time - selecting results in an error as the file has in fact been deleted. It used to delete the file and drop back to the main screen.



Which version of Infuse and tvOS?

Are these individual files or are they contained inside a folder?

Infuse does include a second prompt in some cases to delete the enclosing folder, if it’s already empty.

Hi James,

TVOS 15.6
Infuse 6 pro and up.

If I have 3 episodes in a season folder or 1, it’s the same behaviour. As I mentioned previously, this hasn’t always been the case.

It’s the same behaviour for a single movie as well.


Just to clarify…are you using Infuse 6 or Infuse 7 (or do you have both)?

I purchased an annual Pro license so I’m on the latest 7.4 and it updates automatically