Delete button greyed out for webdav source

I’m using a webdav source ( that supports reading and deleting files, but the delete button in Infuse is greyed out for all items.

Deleting files via WebDAV is not available at this time, but is something we will likely look into for a future update.


Hi James,

I’ve been praying for this feature for 2 years now. I run a WebDAV server for my 75 year-old father and it would be nice if he could delete the shows that he watches himself, rather than me having to delete them manually while asking him if he remembers which shows he has watched (which he never does).

It seems like a basic feature set that should have been implemented when the WebDAV protocol was added. Hopefully you can add this soon!

This has been added, and will be available in the upcoming 6.0.4 release. :slight_smile: