TV description not showing up

Hello; I’m totally new to Infuse. I have an 500 movie and thousands of tv shows library in Aplle TV app used with home sharing, perfectly tagged, also with forced subs correctly set.
Apple suggested due some issues with homesharing i might switch to plex, mrmx or infuse. So… im here.
I set up a small test library for infuse. But for example the tv show Tudors is matched correctly but the episode description is missing fot all episodes except episode 1. but the text is present in my language, german, on tmdb. Soo… why not showing up??

Welcome to the forum!

First thing to check is to see if TMDB has all of the episode synopsis in the language you have selected.

If they do then it would help to provide an example of the show and an example of how you have the show file named.

Thanks for reply! I will provide that infos asap when I’m back home.

So here we go:
Filenaming is:
Die Tudors - S01E02 - Einfach Henry

Here’s the link from thetvdb, but i think sadly that’s not supported anymore right? :frowning:
You’ve switched to TMDB, where’s almost all german texts are missing:

thats a hard one for me… until now i used iFlicks to fill all that infos, cause this is using both DBs. But infuse doesn’t handle that infos very well. Or am i doing something wrong? How are the metadata priorised?
If german is almost not supported anymore, i think i need to cancel my pro membership. I was so exicited at first, but there are so many things missing in German, even at such a popular series like “tudors”.

Any Tipps for me? :frowning:

We’re aware of an issue which can affect certain series which have partial translations.

We have a few improvements in the pipeline which we think will help with this.

Of course, if you have a few moments you can create a free TMDB account and fill in the missing translations, and Infuse will pick up these changes automatically in about a day. :slight_smile:

Hi James, i already read somewhere else here that you can manually add those texts, i tried that for Season 1 from “The Tudors” and your right… today i got all the texts in there. Nice to know. :slight_smile:
maybe its possible to make something like a “Fallback Feature”, when my desired language, in my case german, is not available, it will try to load english ones? guess, most texts are available in english and a lot of people wound prefer english ones over none.

i added about 500 items, few more 1000s to go :slight_smile: now and i’m pretty impressed by Infuse compared to Homesharing from apple which i used until the TV OS 15 update which made it impossible to live with due bandwidth reductions, it does not work anymore with movies over 30gb per file. but Infuse does the buffering like it should.
also no more need to have my Mac running! Great! Remote Access to my library, Great!
and i greats Movie collections… wtf. that’s too cool man. And also i can filter items to resolution on my ATV, always wanted that! playing high res audio files and mkv… wow!!
Also the look of the Infuse App is better then home sharing app, way better! did not expect that from third party app tbh. Also the iOS and Mac App looks great!
And it displays Audio and Video infos on ATV Screen… :open_mouth: Why did i never hear about Infuse??? Why?? You need way more advertisement!
And that stuff all for 0,99 € per month, 10€ per year?! also a pretty fair price model!
Almost to cheap for what i get :wink: i hope the developers get enough cash to keep the project up to date. I would pay 2x the price if necessary.

Soo enough from the pro side, a few points what i currently miss:

  • Filter Resolution on Mac and iOS App
  • No Season Fanart in TV Shows, just one for all Seasons.
  • Possibilty to select multiple Items and rate them or mark them as watched on Mac. I’m adding thousands of items and have to mark them all, item per item… uhh…

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