Danish episode titles missing (TheTVDB v TMDB)

The change from TheTVDB to TMDB makes Infuse useless for me. I have version 5, every thing with TV series are fine, metadata and titels are correct.

Infuse is looking in to TMDB in the local language. I am living in Denmark, Infuse tries to show everything in danish. Unfortunately is TMDB very poor updated with titels of the episodes. Now most of them are shown as “Episode 1”, “Episode 2” and so on.

I wanted to upgrade to version 7, but that will not happen, version 7 is much worse than version 5 for me. A solution could be if it would be possible to override the local language. I have no problems with english titels and description, that is much much much better than “Episode 1”, “Episode 2”.

If this is not solved, I will look for alternatives for Infuse. It has been a great application running on my AppleTV.

An example is “Arrow”, “Beverly Hills, 90210”, “Little House On the Prairie”, “Homeland”, “Star Trek The Original” and “The Flash 2014”. All of them were fine in version 5, no episode titels in version 7.

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You could try changing your device to English and also Infuse if you don’t mind English.

The other option is to join TMDB and help yourself as well as others and add the Danish translations for the info that is missing.


You can also keep the device language set to Danish, and select a different language to use for metadata. The option for this can be found in Infuse > Settings > Language.

Additionally, if you only want English metadata for some items, you can having Infuse fetch everything in Danish, switch the language to English, and then use the Edit Metadata option on the few items you want to fetching in English, (then switch the language setting back).

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Thank you very much.
Switching the metadata to english did it after having reset all metadata. I looked every where, but has overseen that. That was exact what I wanted.

When there is a danish TV series, I will try to set metadata for the folder with all episodes to local, that makes a cleanup for the folder, then switch metadata language to Danish, switch folder metadata back to automatic and then again switch language to english. Then I should have the best of both worlds.

Again, thanks for help.


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