TV episode metadata suddenly gone

Hi there.

Have been using infuse for years, never had any real issues. A week or so ago, suddenly some of my tv show episode descriptions have disappeared. For instance, some seasons of start trek tng, while some of the other seasons are fine. All file namings have the same conventions and things were working before. Has anything changed in infuse? I checked thetvdb if the descriptions have been removed there, but they haven’t.

Tried removing metadata and refreshing, but that had no effect.

Any ideas??

Is it gone or just blurred out? There is a setting to hide spoilers in descriptions if the show is mark as unwatched.

I’m guessing that munpip214 is heading down the right path but if the hiding spoilers doesn’t solve the problem could you provide a sample of how you have the show files named and the file names of a couple of the ones missing with a couple of the ones working?

Also just to cover the bases, what version number of Infuse and what OS and device you’re using, ATV, iPhone, tvOS 14 etc.

Thank you. Spoilers aren’t the culprit.

It happens across devices, iPads, Apple TV and I just checked my iPhone. All running latest iOs and app versions.

Checking my iPhone showed me what I used to see, full info and descriptions, however the screen changed by itself while I was looking at it, removing all metadata as with the other devices.

Will try and post screenshots of the files later on.

Seeing exactly how you have the files named may help find the anomaly. Sometimes changes at TVDB or in the API affect the way certain characters are interpreted.

Also, just to make sure, what are the version numbers of both OS and Infuse you are seeing this in?

Also, in Infuse 6.5 if that’s the version you’re on introduced “Automatic metadata updates from TMDb/TheTVDB” which checks to make sure that what you have is correct metadata so if there was an error somewhere it may be in the process of replacing it.

It may take some time for Infuse to gather the new info so you may want to check the Library screen in Settings to see if Infuse is fetching metadata or syncing. Wait for it to say, “Last Update…” and see if it’s finished. It could take a few cycles after the 6.5 update for it to complete. I’ve had a couple change graphics as you saw but it replaced them with the current updated info.

iOs 14.0.1 for iphone and ipad. Latest os as well on the apple tv. Using infuse 6.5, am thinking the problem started after last weeks update (?).

Below some screenshots of how it looked, changed to no metadata and file naming.

I can’t find this new auto meta update option. Might be I can’t see it due to my infuse language (dutch). Could you point me to it?

It is automatic. There is no setting to turn it on or off.

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Can you show screenshot of the series folder name? You are viewing in library view or folder?

I have always used folder view as it gives us more control. Problem occurs in both views though.

Folder name screenshot:

I think I solved it. At least on the phone, can’t check the apple tv at the moment. Strange that I never changed anything but update the app.

I changed metadata language from auto to english.


Auto means it does it without user input, it’s not an option.

There may not be a Nederlands entry for the shows missing metadata so choosing English as long as you’re ok with that should fix it.

During the automatic scans for TVDB the original metadata may have been removed for some reason in a language so now it’s no longer available in that language.

Should be the same on ATV also. I think if you have iCloud sync turned on it should sync the changes to your ATV.

Also, just a side note, I’ve found that if you name the episodes with the complete series name instead of just S0xE0x there are less errors in metadata fetching.

Like “Start Trek The Next Generation S01E01.mkv” instead of “S01E01.mkv”

Just a suggestion. Also makes it easier for searches on the operating system for files. Far less duplicates.

A good suggestion for a rainy day with time to spare (somewhere in 2023 according to my calendar :slight_smile:). Kidding, thank you, nice tip!

Just happy it’s all running smoothly again. Not that after watching that show for 761 times I don’t know what it’s about, but this looks way better!

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LOL, on the Mac platform you can change an entire series in about a minute. The rename command in the finder lets you select all of the episodes at once and add the name before the “S0” in the file name. That was my only saving grace. :wink:

I’m the same way, I could probably write the synopsis for several shows I have but I do like it to show correctly so I don’t have to strain the brain when I go to watch them for the 100th time. :clown_face:

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