Infuse not showing tvs metadata

Hello, I used local metadata and all my files have been scraped out

After importing the fuse, it was found that all movies were displayed normally, but all TV dramas could not be recognized and were classified as others

My TV series folder and season folder cannot display meta information, but the thumbnail introduction and other information of my episode files can be displayed normally. However, these episode files cannot be categorized as TV dramas

My naming format is shown in the following image

你好我使用本地元数据 我所有文件都刮消好了

导入infuse后发现所有电影都正常显示 但是所有电视剧都不能识别 被分为其他

我的电视剧文件夹和季文件夹都不能显示元信息 但是我的集文件的缩略图简介等信息都可以正常展示 只是这些集文件无法被归纳成电视剧


Do you by chance have your directory of TV shows set to local metadata?
(Edit, just noticed that you said your were using local so you may want to try letting Infuse gather the metadata instead.)

Also, not sure if it matters but I notice that for each TV show directory you have the year in the folder name but you don’t have the year in the episode name. You may want to add the year to the episode file name between the series name and the SxxExx like…

The Andy Griffith Show (1960) S01E01 The New Housekeeper.mkv

One last thing to check is to see if you have embedded metadata turned on.